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03-10-2009, 12:55 PM
I have played this game since Sep. 09. Originally played on Xoriat and then got absorbed into Thelanis when the server merge happened. My characters are currently split between 2 guilds. 1/2 with some real life friends and the other 1/2 with people I have met in game. I still enjoy playing with all of my friends, but the problem lately is that no one seems to be on. I can count on one hand the number of times we've had a full party in the last month. This game is still enjoyable, however, I dislike logging on and finding only one person in my guild list. While the game is fun, it is even more enjoyable when in a group.

About my play style: I am a very versatile player and can generally fit whatever role is needed of me. However, I've been told I am a very good cleric. I have played clerics in many games, and am very familiar with how they operate. I wouldn't classify myself as a power gamer, or a zerger. I can adapt to the rest of the party though, So, if someone wants to speed run a quest...there wont be any complaints from me.

About me as a person: 31 years old, good sense of humor, smart alec, sarcastic, a bit crude at times. I do not generally have problems getting a log with people. Willing to listen to constructive criticism about my play style/character builds. As I have said, I enjoy this game, and the people who play it. Not out to tell anyone how it's done, just looking to have a good time.

About my Characters: All my characters are in my Sig, but for a little more on each...

Valzoric ~ Pure cleric in every sense of the word. I know my job is to heal, also use the buffs, carry wands and scrolls. Will only use offense when absolutely needed, or if SP is not an issue.

Garauk ~ My Tank. 52 Standing AC. Taunt, Improved Trip, Improved Sunder, Whirl Wind, 470 HP.

Gah ~ Spell Singing Bard. 1 lvl of Cleric for DV's. Buffer/Crowd Controller. Gets involved in melee...but pretty squishy.

Ketias ~ Classic caster. Fire Spec. Also very squishy.

Teusris ~ Very capable rogue. Paladin lvls taken for help with saves, LoH, Smite Fear Resistance and other goodies.

Gotterd ~ DPS Dual Wielding Khopesh build. Decent AC...but still manages to take a beating.

Levram ~ An experimental build trying to combine the abilities of My DPS build and my Tank.

Olfgar ~ MULE/BANK

05-23-2009, 02:59 AM
Hey Val, sounds like what happens to a lot of the newer players to the game. I am an officer in a new guild that was started by a few old freinds. we are looking for good mature players that have the skills to play and not so much the toys(although they are nice to have) would like to catch up with you in game If you see any of us on.

Just look up the Silverthorne guild tag or If you want go check out our web site at


05-23-2009, 05:30 AM
Well.. after reading a bit of your post, I can only say you are looking for an established guild with many members.
I would suggest Storm lords.

I would suggest my guild but we are still working on being established. Meaning there are times when you will log in and there will only be one person logged in.

However, if you are looking to become part of an already known guild, yet small then go to the link in my sig.