View Full Version : Some possible spells that might be implementable but arent in yet.

03-09-2009, 11:48 AM
Shield other (paladin 2, cleric 2): You take half the damage the target would take for X seconds.

Bless weapon (paladin 1) - Makes somebodies wielded weapon 'Flametouched' so it hits evil. (could also add 1-2 /1d4 or 1d6 extra good damage to the weapon)

Protection from chaos (pal 1, cler1, wiz 1) (an extra option to the protection from evil or magic circle against evil spells, like the resist fire spell, just has a different option)

Mirror Image (wiz 2, bard 2): Makes images of yourself, so when you get attacked with a ranged attack/spell or melee attack it can hit the image instead of you and make the image vanish. Classic spell, needs conversion.

Blink (wiz 3, bard 3): You phase in and out randomly like a phase spider, you thought they were annoying those darn shadows, you wait to see how annoyed the enemies will be when you phase in and out around them.
get your own back!

Song of Discord(bard): Enemies in the area of effect start fighting each other. (makes them berserk (new state) so they attack the nearest target to them friend or foe, frenzied beserkers can also become this state)

Confusion (wiz 4/bard 4): Enemies become confused (new state). Where they become randomly charmed, feared, stunned or normal for a few seconds each time for the effect duration.

Darkness (wiz 2, Cler 2): Makes a sphere of darkness where every creature with eyes (ie. non construct/undead/ooze) is blind within (as if all targets were invisible) (50% concealment, -4 to hit)

Daylight (Cler 3, Pal 3): Makes a sphere of light that deals light damage to undead within every second, curses shadow creatures, counters darkness.

Endure heat & cold (druid 1, Cleric 1, ranger 1, paladin 1): You gain resistance cold 5/ fire 5 for the spell duration.

04-06-2009, 11:39 AM
What I'd like to see is...... "fly" ....(and I'm not even a caster...)