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03-06-2009, 04:25 PM
I'm returning to DDO part-time, and love to get a static/dedicated group together. Unfortunately, my evenings are consumed with other things, so earlier in the day is my only option. Here's what I'd want to get together:

- Daytime US, from 12:00pm noon EST (I'm MST) to around 6:00pm EST. Actual block negotiable, but would prefer ~4 hours at a time at least (wanna get somewhere!)

- Mon-Fri group, at least once a week, twice would be great, but only if we can all make it.

- Players able to commit to making it every week only please (RL happens, but please take it seriously).

- A somewhat balanced group is neccessary, but otherwise not going to dictate what's fun for everyone. One dedicated healer is a must, one tank would be swell. I would prefer sorc/wiz, but if no one else wants to play a rogue, I'll take that spot.

- No twinking, loot will be shared among the gruop, etc. This is about a group effort, not who can bring the most money to the AH.

- Running ONLY together is desired. A true adventuring troupe is the goal. If someone HAS to miss a session, then running solo quests to catch up would be alright.

- Any server is fine. I still have 32 pt. characters able to roll on Thelanis, but really don't care if there's another preference.

- Will start on the tutorial island (to make it easier for players on a new server, etc).

- Fun is a must! The thing I love about the game is the actual "adventure" aspect of it all. Looking forward to getting this going!

Please respond with as much of an exact time block as possible, as well as character type desired to play. Look forward to hearing from you!

03-06-2009, 04:44 PM
This sounds like fun. I could join and make it once a week from 12 to 3 with like an hour break to pick up my son from school then I could be back on by 4 til 6. Also I have a work schedule that I need to work around so it could be the same day every week. Most likely it would be Tuesday one week and Thursday the next. I would prefer to roll up on Thelanis since I have 32 pt build unlocked there as well.

I could play the groups caster or some form of melee whatever is needed.

05-05-2009, 05:08 PM
Are you still looking for more people for this group?