View Full Version : Gimpster Challenge I: Dwarf Battle-Sorcerer

03-06-2009, 09:13 AM
So, I keep reading about how bored people are waiting for Mod 9 to come out.

I have an idea that might provide a little entertainment for some uber players who have little reason to play right now. It's called The Gimpster Challenge. It's an opportunity for people to prove that skill and equipment can trump build design. It's a sort of contest (with no prize other than glory), that will work like this:

1) I post a set of constraints to make a gimped build. The first one is below.
2) Contestants make a build within the constraints. You are welcome to level it or equip it by any means that constitutes legal game-play. You can even throw Tomes at it, but I reserve the right to mock you for throwing away valuable resources to win a contest that has no prize!
3) The first person to achieve some particular objective is the winner. The first objective is also below.
4) It's easy to cheat, so please don't! :) More for everyone's entertainment than for verification, anyone claiming victory must post a screen shot of the following (all on one screen shot if at all possible):

4a) The XP screen showing completion of the objective.
4b) The stat page(s) showing the build followed the constraints. IMPORTANT: Show all the constraints. For GC I, this means both the attributes and the feats - and be sure we can see the Sorcerer N part, too.

5) It is also strongly encouraged to tell the story of how you approached it, both in making the build and in achieving the objective.

GIMPSTER CHALLENGE I: The Dwarf Battle-Sorcerer!

- Must be a dwarf
- Starting CHA must be 10 or less.
- All levels must be Sorcerer.
- Must include the feat Enlarge Spell.

OBJECTIVE: Solo Purge the Heretics on Normal.

There's actually sort of two contests. The "main" one is a race: First one to solo PtH (and provide the above screen shot) with Gimpster I is the winner. There also will be a longer lasting contest to see who can do it at the lowest Rank.

If you are thinking of trying this, I'd kinda appreciate if you post here, just so I know if anyone was interested. If there turns out to be interest, I'll probably do Gimpster Challenge II someday. If not, no worries!

EDIT: It seems to I forgot to say: GO! The contest is started now, so feel free to post victory at any time.