View Full Version : Valhalla PD Waterworks Challenge

03-02-2009, 11:03 PM
This challenge is one that we have put in our guild, among others, and is one that I invite you to partake in - of course I hope you choose to join us first!

This is modified from a challenge I saw posted here. It's a great idea and we will modify it for our purposes.

Here is the challenge - it is not easy.

Make a new toon. Skip the Korthos and go right to the harbor with what you have on you. You are level 1.

PT I Run Waterworks on Normal. You may use whatever you pick up in quest only. Run all four quests solo. You may "NOT" level at any time of the normal run.

Pt 2 You may advance to Lvl 2 Prior to this quest or to lvl 2 at any time during the hard run. You may spend Action Points between runs.

You maybuy arrows/bolts/components/a base weapon as per Valhalla rules. You may not buy any consumable magic.

Go back to WW and run on hard by yourself.
Same rules apply as part one.

Pt 3. You should be eligible for lvl 3 or very close. You may opt to level or NOT to level. You may spend any Action points. Now run the whole thing on Elite.

You do "NOT" have to do all optionals, but must do the following on each setting.

Part 1 - Slay all spiders. Take a snapshot of you at the chest or paste your combat log

Part 2 Kill Bloodletter

Part 3 Kill the Ogre

Part 4 Kill at least one ogre

Rewards. I think a new medal will be in order. Captain Insano comes to my mind.

As a reward you will be able to pick one weapon from a choice of ValBankers offerings. It will be a weapon passed on from our dead. It is not likely to be an Uber weapon.

If you die, please cash out and send donations to Valbanker.

You will also receive the following as a reward

I will make up a formula based on the XP you earned (more options more loot) and you will be allowed to create a shopping list of consumables for Valbanker to purchase for you. I am thinking it will be about 33% to 50% of the XP you earn in buying power. Don't quote me at this time.

These consumables will be bought by Valbanker from "Market and Harbor" vendors.
ONLY. XP from the quests counts. Not from the slayer area, but you may pick up whatever you break from there and/or turn in collectibles.

Bonus XP for special events DO NOT COUNT UNLESS ANNOUNCED.

Any that can complete this quest are IMHO experts (at least of the WW) in staying alive.

The challenge is laid before you. Contact any officer of Valhalla Permadeath Guild (Ghallanda) for further details.