View Full Version : My nightmare in gianthold: Ever-tailing gang of Orc!

03-02-2009, 03:22 PM
I was trying to get a bit exp to level up. Since I only needed like 7xx exp, I decided to get some explorers in gianthold alone. The entrance of Feast and Famine and the explorer point next to it were my targets. I ran out to Feast and Famine entrance and got my 400 exp without any trouble, then I went to the explorer down by it next to lava and got my last 400 exp. There's a gang of orc in camp there and I didn't want to fight them, so I tried to run off their target to recall.

Here my nightmare started... I ran back to the bridge where we usually jump down from gianthold entrance to cruicible/cabal/feast and started recalling, assuming it's far enough for them to bounce back. 10...9...3...2...something shoot me. "Oh no, A gang of orc is there!" Then I ran all the way to the split point of the path to POP and Madstone, turned my head back, saw nothing there. "Great, they should be gone." Started to recall again. 4...3...a scorching ray hit me! "Dam, the orc gang is still behind me. Fine, I'll just run inside Trial by Fire, take a 5min afk, see if you are still there when I come out!!!"

Finally I was able to escape from the crazy orc gang after I came back from my 5min afk in Trial by Fire.

03-17-2009, 01:39 PM
Heh, it would have been awesome if they came into Trial by Fire with ya...