View Full Version : Valhalla Moving to Mid-Level Content

03-02-2009, 10:35 AM
Now "mid level content" is contextual, particularly in a PD setting, but our guild has started to move into the mid level content. We are getting a good group of core players who are running some of the house quests, but still are always looking for others who wish to game with us.

Our basic rules are pretty easy.

No Broker
No Buying Consumable Magic
No Spoiling
No using rez shrines.
Open quest on highest setting when in groups.

It is my hope that within two months we will be ready to run the Tempest Spine Raid and start getting players tagged for Von's and for the Titan Raid.

There is still time to get a character up in level and participate in these events.

We have two static groups that have one slot open. You'd have to catch up to the groups XP. The static groups run on Sunday 7pm EST to 10 pm EST and Tuesday night 9pm EST to 11pm EST. A "Saturday toon" semi static group is also planned.

We also want to form a "Night Owl Group" this would be for Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night starting at about 11pm EST for Pacific time zone players.

If interested look us up on Ghallanda.