View Full Version : When will we see the classic D&D UMBER HULK

03-02-2009, 09:40 AM
Good old hulk with his confusion gaze.

We'd need to see the "confused" state, which is what the confusion spell does (area of effect level 4 wizard enchantmet).

both players and creatures can become confused which makes them choose from 1 of these 4 every 5 seconds or so.

1) Charmed
2) Normal
3) Stunned (Stun)
4) Fleeing (fear)

The only thing stopping this from being implemented is that we're not sure what to do on player charmed.
Currently it's simply like domination from a vampire which freezes you in place.

But charm (for a player) should stop you casting area of effect spells,ray , spread and line spells and targetting the creature that charmed you. Your melee and range attacks would also fail to hit the "friendly" targe (when confused this would be the creature closest to you when you go into charmed state)