View Full Version : Scourge choker

02-25-2009, 11:54 PM
I was thinking for long time how scourge choker can be usefull. Many ppl know that after bloodlust is gone it's slow you down 50% so many considered it's junk. I bought it for big boss fights when I intimidate and extra HP while tanking can be good. Didn't use very often because big bosses pretty rare.

How about if you strategy fighter with stunning blow/trip then this will increase your DC on action up to +4. This will make difference because my stunning blow DC 38 not always enough. And speed not very big difference since you not very dps anyway.

If anybody have other good use let me know

03-09-2009, 10:49 PM
it works okay on casters or even bards and to a point clerics for when they get hit having extra HP from the con... but really it's not THAT great/useful because it slows you down and if you do have the twitch skills, even minimal ones, you can get out of the way of the attack and not get hit...

really, it's best purpose is just in big boss fights when a wf is tanking sulu or in other situations when you're the main tank and/or only one getting hit/have a dedicated healer if possible... my favorite thing to do with it, back in the day, was to see what my max STR and CON was with rage+double madstone+scourge choker on my barbarian in reaver raid with extra buff.... it was pretty disgusting how much hp and str/con was on the screen, even if it was only briefly