View Full Version : Content could really help game balance...

02-24-2009, 10:15 AM
We spend a lot of time talking about balancing between classes (ie ranger vs everything else). And for very good reasons. However, one problem in a lot of this discussion is that DPS is almost the entire pure measure of class effectiveness when talking about melee. AC comes up a little as well, but mostly in the context of "not fair to have similar DPS AND greate AC".

Aside from adjusting classes, another avenue I'd really like to see taken is to adjust the end game content to focus on things besides max DPS. Specifically...

Crowd Control (both magic based and skill based, could really help bards)
Aggro Control (make diplo and intim viable but not required)
Shield Blocking (Help make those defender PrE's popular)
Ranged Prowess (even if it isnt equal to melee, make a few ranged only fights to help the need for it)
Mana management (hard to do with 100 stacks of mana pots around)
AOE melee (waves of small HP mobs with high reflex saves, evasion, and fire resistance, where THF and cleaves shine)

Im suggesting that many of the things above that have become secondary in many cases to just raw DPS, insta-kill spells, firewalls, and blade barriers, could be made more important by quests and raids designed to amplify their need.

For example, Vision gives the opportunity for intimidate to shine (not a requirement, but a viable tactic). The Devil's invasion quest on Elite gives some opportunities to try different tactics (because the mobs arent immune to everything, and instead use quantity instead of quality to wear you down).

Replace red named immune high HP mobs with High saves, high resistance, High AC self healing/buffing mobs that aren't all immune and come in quantity.

My main point is Im hoping future end game content isnt all about a single big monster with a ton of HP, clerics mass healing, and max dps toons making it go faster. That can definitely be fun, but some variety thrown in there would be great too.

Turbine seems to have tried this, as many raids today are not like this. But they seem to focus on puzzles (Reaver, Shroud part 3), or predefined paths to completions (Titan, Hound, first half of Velah).

Vision does a nice job of mixing it up, but still puts a lot of focus on the "High HP Boss Beatdown". Sorjak is pretty much a "High HP Boss Beatdown". Shroud 4/5 is of course the same.

Bottom line...I'd like to see something very creative that allows for a large variety of paths to completion, is very difficult, and does not focus on having puzzle solvers or a Rednamed High HP Mob beatdown. I guess something like Vision but with more mini-bosses instead of one giant boss, or something more like Shroud part 2 (which I think is great) but that lasts longer.

Oh, and could a few of them NOT be undead or outsiders? Sheesh...

Make a few raids like this, and the pure focus on DPS min/max could change quite a bit...