View Full Version : New Static Group Forming. Come one come all!!

02-20-2009, 05:46 PM
Hi, everyone. I'm looking to start a static group. I'm pretty new to the game, but this is what I had in mind.

Server: I was thinking serlona, but it truely doesnt matter to me.
Time: Sunday-Thursday nights (hoping for 2 nights) Midnight-1am CST for logon and play until we are done for the night. I'm flexable on days, but I cant start much earlier than midnight.
Play style: Light roll play, fun low stress. No twinkling or rushing through. Noobs welcome. Id like to start a balanced group from the begenning.

I was going to roll a ranger or a fighter, but I'm flexable.

Post or send me a message with questions, comments, or if you want to join. I'll update when slots fill up.