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02-20-2009, 11:46 AM
The history of Noble Fist a founders guild.

Noble Fist - The beginning

In a world called Norrath, at a place called Antonica many many years ago, several adventures met at an Inn in Qeynos. Over ale they discussed their ambitions, goals and found that they all had something in common. To fight the evils and foes before them. To make the common folk of this land safe.
So they formed a union and took an oath to be Noble and to set out with Fists clenched around their swords and axes to conquer this new world.
Along the way they met adventures and formed the guild we know today as Noble Fist.
I, Tendare born of Elf and Man who studied the way of Druids met these Noble adventures in my first journey away from my home. My mate Concoan a Paladin who I met on the ship that brought me to Kunark also found this prosperous guild intriguing, and we both joined and learned the ways of the Noble Fist.
Many years we spent adventuring this new world and training our skills and building lasting friendships until the day we heard about a new world called Eberron and a land called Xendrick where fortune and glory awaited.
We said goodbye to our friends and set off for a port called Stormreach.

During our voyage we studied the new ways of this world called Eberron and Concoan trained with a cleric master and I learned to fight with swords. Giving up the way of Druids was difficult but necessary because druids did not exist in this land and their powers dissipated once landing in this new world.
The first thing we did when we reached the harbor was to check in at the Wavecrest. Sigmund told us that many adventurers were arriving each day. Sigmund also told us the coin lords were offering special gifts to those people that formed alliances and built a guild. We immediately set out to find others who wanted to join us and met Modi and Throgrem first who signed on immediately, then we met Nyhanya, Manster and his son Manstero who joined us, following them Vodoo, Teledone and Falcore joined and gave us the ten we needed to form a guild and win the prize. Noble Fist was born.

In our earliest days in Stormreach we met a great group of adventurers named the Therians. We instantly became friends and they joined us along with Berto a cleric, Lothug a warrior and others we met during our questing. Our guild had 24 members strong.

Everything in Stormreach was going splendidly, Noble Fist was growing and the day finally came to kill Velah, the Red Dragon, we had tried several times before. We met Wampem that day, and he joined us and became our newest member of Noble Fist, this was the day the she devil died. Oh it was a glorious day.

Oh woas me,

The day came we had waited for, for so many years. The world of Vanguard had arrived. So many of us had been waiting for this day and couldn't wait to get there.
By this time Sollee had become the guild leader of Noble Fist, we were thriving as a guild and had many friends and alliances throughout Stormreach.
Sollee was concerned that with so many leaving including herself she needed to find a new home for her guildmates who had become like family to her, so she turned to a great man named Dragonflames and asked if he would accept all the members of Noble Fist who stayed behind a place to lay their heads and a new place to call home. He generously agreed and the members of Noble Fist who stayed behind in Stormreach joined Warrior Nation.
Noble Fists doors were locked and closed only a few members stayed behind to maintain the guild for the namesake.

Months went by and the new members of Warrior Nation settled in nicely, some were promoted to officers, everyone was doing well. The guild merger was a success.

Then one day, no different from any other day in Stormreach, the adventurers who left for Vanguard returned, you see the new world was not to their liking and they knew they must return to finish their work in Xendrick. Glad to see their long missed friends and guildmates they joined the Warrior Nation and returned to the work at hand.

Common Bonds, Common Ideals, Common Goals

Have brought us back to Noble Fist. The doors to the hall are unlocked and open again, the windows are open and bring in the fresh air and the furniture has been dusted. The smithy is here to sharpen your weapons, the ale is free.

Once again Noble Fist is reborn, the original members of Noble Fist return home with many original members of Warrior Nation joining us. You will see us all over Argo, some of you know us, and some of you have quested with us.

We look forward to the many new adventures awaiting us, together we can conquer all.

Come stop in for ale and see what’s happening at www.noblefist.com
Join as friends of our guild, or join our guild, you’ll be glad you did.


03-04-2009, 03:38 PM
Nothing like a Noble Fisting heh?

03-14-2009, 04:46 PM
Great group of folks, i've been on a few raids with NF... Team oriented and a pleasure to run with.