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02-19-2009, 06:44 AM
(*) - denoted suggested manual ability (player controllable)
These are full spell lists, hirelings can only use spells from this list when on defensive or Aggressive
On defensive mode, they'll buff allies and themselves with buff spells on entering combat.(if target doest have the buff already)

Level 1:
Aida the enchantress: Elf (enchanter) - longbow
Charm Person(en1)*, Sleep(en1)*, Hypnotism(en1)*, Diplomacy* (metamagic: Extend time)

Level 2:
Kzamdoiu , Diviner (Halfling)
Summon I*, Hypnotism*, Prot Evil*, Magic Missile* (metamagic: Empower)

Level 3:
Mazhaj, Conjuror extrordinaire: Human (conjurer)
Mage Armor(co1)*, Grease (co1), Niac's Ray(co1)*, Obscuring Mist(co1)
Acid Arrow (co2)*, Web(co2)* (metamagic : Enlarge range)

Level 4:
Bloodeye , Drow Necromancer
Ray Enfeeblement(ne2)* , Chill Touch(ne1)*, Cause Fear(ne1), Niac's Cold Ray (co1)
Command Undead(ne2)*, Blindness(ne2)* , False Life(ne2)

Level 5:
Tranzmog : Warforged Wizard (transmutation)
Repair Light (Tr1), Magic Missile(mm1), Shield(ab1), Jump (tr1)*
Ooze Puppet(tr2)*, Knock(tr2)* , Repair medium (tr2)
Slow (tr3), Haste(tr3)* (metamagic: extend time )

Level 6:
Phyrzar: Dwarf Wizard (Evocation):flame
M.Missile (ev1), Burning Hands(ev1), Shocking Grasp(ev1), Expedious Retreat(tr1)
Flaming Sphere(ev2)*, Scorching Ray(ev2)*, Web (Co2), GlitterDust(co2)
Fireball(ev3)*, Stinking Cloud(Co3)*, Sleet Storm(co3) (metamagic: Empower)

Level 7:
Kaasrelm the illusionist: Halfling (or gnome) (Illusion)
Charm Person, Niac's ray, Mage Armor, Hypnotism, Prot Evil
Blur(iL2)*, Hypnotic Pattern(iL2)*, Invisibility(il2), Scorching Ray(ev2)
Displacement(iL3) , Summon III (hellhound)*, Heroism
Phantasmal Killer(iL4)*, Charm Monster(En4) (metamgc: Extend time)

Level 8:
Marash the Abjurer: Human
NightShield, Shield, Prot Evil, Charm, Magic Missile
Resist Energy*, Command Undead, Ooze Puppet, Summon II
Dispel Magic*, Protection Elements*, Magic Circle, Haste
Lesser Globe *, Acid Rain , Symbol Flame (metamagic; Extend)

Level 9:
Rimescar the Cold , Human WeatherWizard
*Niac's Ray(co1), Obscuring Mist, Chill Touch, Magic Missile, Shield
*Blur(iL2), Fog Cloud, Bears Endurance, Ghoul Touch, Resist Energy
*Sleet Storm(co3), Hold Person, Suggestion, Protection Energy
Solid Fog(Co4), Ice Storm(ev4), Fire Shield(cold)(ab4)
*Cone of Cold(Ev5)*, Summon Monster VI(earth elem) (metamagic: Heighten)

04-28-2009, 11:26 AM
Since they're all wizards, i'd give Bloodeye , Quicken spell for his necromancy. quickened chill touch is nasty.

It would be nice to let players SELECT which spells they have in their hirelings quickbar.

They may as well ALWAYS have their metamagic on, if you choose to have them cast you want it to be their most effective spell even if it uses more mana.

Transmog is level 5, he'd have another metamagic, so give him empower for when he's autocasting his repair spells and magic missiles.
Phyrzar can have maximize as well as empower
kaasrelm could have heighten
marash could have quicken as his second metamagic
rimescar would definitely have maximize as his second metamagic.

I'd also change kziamdou the level 2 diviner's magic missile to burning hands.