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02-19-2009, 06:12 AM
Thank you to the Turbine folks for making a place for static groups and for PD groups/guilds to post.

Valhalla Permadeath Guild currently has about 30 members with characters and 70 active toons. Since we are newish and getting off the ground we only have a few who are regualarly doing House quests. We are active every day with a few AM (EST) players, and some throughout the day. Most of our play time is between 8PM and 1AM EST. Typically we have about six to eight members on - so our groups are often smaller and many run alts to make sure all players can get in a group.

We do have two static groups - one on Sunday (full) and one on Tuesday (one slot open). There is some intererst in a Sat/Sun morning static group and one will be starting this weekend I believe. There are some players who would commit to a Wednesday or Thursday static group.

Our rules are standard PD fare with some twists.
The basics:

Dead is Dead (although some forms of rez are allowed -- not shrines)
Groups open quest on hardest available setting
No buying consumable magic from vendors
No use of the AH at all
No buying from Brokers, but you may sell
Limited trading allowed
No Spoilers in quest
Total rezzes allowable is equal to Base CON
Any death (even with a rez) all recall and reset instance

I try to post guild challenges on a monthly basis with bragging rights and very modest prizes given to those who complete them.

How to join us:
Read our rules (link at bottom). Register to our board
Find us in game using the "who" function
Talk with a member or officer about any questions etc.
Enroll and have fun!

Hope to see you there.

KG Wiking