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02-18-2009, 04:27 PM
The Sublime Permadeath Guild on Thelanis, is almost 3 years old! :eek: We've probably deleted more characters then the Cube has deleted threads.... well, maybe if you don't count server crashes :p

If you are interested in trying permadeath our rules are listed below and you can find more at our website here: http://www.thesublimeguild.com/viewforum.php?f=29

You die, you delete. We do not use Resurrection Shrines.

A cleric or other character which is able to raise a dead person in the party can raise you, otherwise you are gone. You can not bring somebody into the party to raise you, they must have already been there when you died. You may not be raised before reaching level 4.

*PvP deaths DO NOT count
*Deaths to known bugs DO NOT count
*Lag deaths DO count
*Death in the city DOES count

When you die you can pass your gear to the survivors in the group. You may pass down one item to your next character (Heirloom item). You also have the option of mailing items to the guild bank 'Hargus' to be used as rewards in the next guild event or sold to purchase rewards for members that reach level 10.

You can only trade items with characters in your level range. We do not accept gifts from or trade with characters outside of the guild.

We do not play in PUGs (Pick-up groups) with our permadeath characters, only with other guild members. You can use Hirelings but they can not take a spot away from a real player.

Don't rush ahead of the group. We stick together and work as a team to try and get everybody through the quest alive. Don't recall from a quest to recover and re-enter at full strength.


Not tough enough for you? You're more than welcome to place even harsher rules on yourself. Don't pass on an item at death/delete on a bug death/don't accept a raise dead/do not pass go/do not collect $200/etc...

SERVER: Thelanis.