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02-14-2009, 09:32 AM
Here are some quotes from another thread that I responded to and put in here for a suggestion. :D

I think that is a good idea... I would pay a one time of 5 bucks for an extra character slot...

same here. Now there's a thing turbine could do, have things like extra character slots $5

Nope. Part of the reason I play DDO is that there's no extra charges for updated content (D&D-related being the other part of the reason). That was part of Turbine's marketing strategy for DDO. If they abandoned it, lots of players would abandon DDO. DDO is a business, not a charity. If it can't make it using the business model Turbine laid out, Turbine can: a) close DDO down; b) change the business model and hope they attract enough new customers to make up for the one's they'd lose. But I'm not going to give them any more money than I already do.

It could be a charity, Turbine could have a charity where we give them money for the content we want. Like we want half-orcs/gnomes/changelings/etc. If we wanted to, we could pay Turbine extra money for this content they are not planning to put in and since its what the players want, and its closer to core rules/more like DnD, turbine will get more subscribers. ;)
Make it Dungeons and Dragons online, not just Eberron online :D