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01-26-2009, 12:47 PM
I have taken a break from DDO for a few months now and have always enjoyed this game, just not so much recently which prompted the break. I am looking to find a group of dedicated players looking to play starting from level 1 and work our way up. I am fairly flexible with play times and dates, and am on MST time where I am located. From what I have been reading about no twinking, auction house, etc I agree with and would like to find a like minded group of people to play with. I have not done much in RP as of late, but would like to try and get into something like this and would try and ease into it slowly.

If anyone is interested in such a thing or has a new team being built on any server please let me know. Would like to try and return to the game and find the fun joy of playing that I once had with this game.

01-26-2009, 12:54 PM
They may be a lil extreme for ya but try Mortal Voyage (http://www.mortalvoyage.com/welcome.html).

If thats a lil too non-twink for ya then come over to the Order of the Silver Dragons (http://silverdragons-lair.net). We dont have rules or regulations and we're levelling up about 9 players right now on a static group/day.

01-26-2009, 03:46 PM
For an exposure to Roleplay I would recommend looking up the Rest in Pieces Guild on Sarlona and let them know you'd like to tag along and get some 'RP' exposure. ( There are many in that Guild who have ALTs on Dedicated Teams. ;) )

The Dedicated Teams Guild has RP and NonRP teams almost all are no-twink.... the newest Thursday team has just reached Stormreach and has a rather challenging team ruleset ( it is not Permadeath ) but is full and is a Medium RP Team.

There is a potential new Light RP team forming now ( see the signature link below starting around post#76 ) I do not believe they are considering a restricted/challenging ruleset but you could chime in and see if they are interested :cool:

Welcome back!