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01-20-2009, 10:16 PM
A dedicated static group using within a Permadeath setting is planning on being launched via Valhalla Permadeath Guild (Ghallanda Server)

• The static group will run one time per week.
• Tuesday Nights starting at 800 PM EST would be one of the times.
• You would have to start at Level 1 and we would wait or try to wait for all to level at the same time.

If your character dies he could bring another member in the guild (if you have one) or be replaced by a re-roll if at the lower levels.

You will have to join the guild and put “Static” in your last name slot.
All Valhalla Guild rules will be followed –
• no rez shrines
• limited total rez to base Con
• No gifts from outside guildies
• No use of AH
• No buying from Brokers
• no buying consumable magic
• limits on trading
• Open quests on the highest setting.
• No spoilers
• Anyone dies ALL recall and reset (even if he is rezzed)

Each group member would take a turn and pick a quest chain or series of shorter quests.

Players new to DDO are welcome.

Each character would start on Korthos but SKIP the tutorial. First night’s run would be to GET OFF Korthos for good!

Typically – we will attempt to do all options – particularly the scary ones!

Our goal is to introduce those who "may" be interested in running a no twink, gritty Permadeath character.

Reply via PM on Valhalla Boards or reply to the thread there, or talk to me in game.
I’d like to start this by the end of the month.

This is a good chance to try PD if you haven’t.
Thank you for your indulgence of this post.

KG Wiking

01-25-2009, 12:01 AM
At this time we have a party of four who will be starting new PD toons - three are new to the ruleset.

Another guildie has said he would also run a group for those who are interested in trying this rule set out if we have more than six total.

We will be starting on Tuesday say 9pm EST, but try to be there about 830. Use PM or reply to let me know if you are interested.


01-27-2009, 03:53 PM
From the tells and PM's I believe that a full Permadeath Static Group will launch forth from Korthos tonight at 9pm EST. If more show up a vet hand has agreed to work with a second group.

I hope to see many who replied in PM there!


02-04-2009, 11:13 PM
The "Fab Five" have run one night and had an aborted attempt on the night of the server deaths!

For those who may still have interest in playing within a dedicated team within a PD ruleset Valhalla PD Guild will be establishing another "in house dedicated team group".

This second group will run Sunday Nights (definite) from 6pm EST to 11PM EST (times are tentative).

We have three members who are definites, four maybes, and a few "I don't knows"

You must have finished all of Korthos - while in our guild - and be no less than lvl 2 and no more than lvl 4.

If we have more than six member join, and that looks likely, we will split into two static teams and enjoy some healthy competition.

If you are interested in further information about this group please refer to the "Static Groups" section on our board.

Thank you!