View Full Version : Meat and Potatoes

11-21-2008, 06:39 PM
I know it's too late for Mod 9, the roadmap is locked and the testing *ought* to be well in progress...

Please consider that after Mod 9 there should be a good long run of frequent content adding, nothing fancy, just new quests tacked onto existing explorer areas using existing textures and monsters. Lots of new quests. All levels. Teach the secretaries, receptionists and janitorial staff at Turbine how to make simple content and have the experts just add a dash of class to what they churn out.

Little things like the fallen shrine or those two side tombs near Raiyum's place, but without any tie-in to existing quests (ok, if you want to throw a bit of storyline on 'em go ahead, but don't make them modify existing content - just add flavor to the new stuff with background fill) and no need to go adding fancy scripting either.

If people have nothing to do that's different, they wander off. It's pathetically hard to fill many LFMs now, and the decline to this point has been perceptible since everyone ground Gianthold into the ground. I'm not even seeing many LFMs to fill parties for the newly created characters that were made to sample the NPE...either those characters have been put down en masse or people just can't see a reason to play all the existing content yet another time.

More levels in Mod 9 will bring many people back - for a few weeks. After that, anyone who doesn't go back into hibernation will be hard-pressed to fill their groups if they have nothing to advertise for besides 2+ year old content.

I love this game, but seriously...it's quickly losing its "massively" M from its genre...