View Full Version : Add new runes to the tables for DT Armor...

11-18-2008, 01:07 PM
Maybe you guys could add the following effects to the DT runes sometime in the future or maybe add a "Wildcard" Super Rare Rune that has them on it. I just went through the Loot list and pulled the nice ones that were left out...I'm sure there are others or maybe you guys want to creat some new effects, but personally I would like to see most of these available on other things than the one/two items that currently come with them...

UMD + ___
30% Striding
Greater Axe/Spear/Hammer Block
Skill +15
Freedom of Movement
Seeker + ___
Life Shield
Madstone Rage
Ranged/Mellee Alacrity ___%
Absorb Beholder Spells

p.s. if you add shields you can have them with one/two slot and use these...or whatever, just an idea.

p.s.s lol, just saw the other thread now that it was bumped up...oh well...

p.s.s.s lol, looks like that thread is derailed anyway...