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11-07-2008, 01:53 PM

I haven't played everything, so I will abstain from making comments on stuff I haven't done. Not fair to the players, nor to Turbine.

Good is what is on the tin.
Bad is negative, however, not in such a horrid way that it makes it unplayable.
Ugly is gamebreaking, and needs to be fixed pronto!
Suggestions is where I suggest a fix ot one of the above.

Korthos Island

The Good:

Excellent change here. Unlike the Goodblades, that didn't really make any sense, this has a flow and a reason. There are subtle trainers in all the quests, and most are very exciting. Also, adding a set "trainer" helps. The items are probably making PD'ers weep for joy. Nice stuff that is useful.

New players should be hooked from the get go. THe winter landscape is nice and the explorer area is done well. It is Fun to do.

The Bad:

The Ember longbow. YOu gave it to a rogue, who has no profiency to use it unless he is an elf.

THe inablity to teleport from the explorer area AFTER you finish Sacrifices.

THe collectible and gem bag are afterthoughts when you enter stormreach. Many new people I have talked to did not even realise what to do with them or with collectibles.

YOu have to use the "U" button to pick up the crests in Haydon's Rest. While not a big deal for the vets, new people may not have figured that out.

THe Ugly

THe inablity and confusing on joining groups in on Korthos Island.


Footprints in the snow. This is one the effects I liked in WoW. Not sure it would be feasible, but when the Devs have the time to tweak, that would be a nice touch.

Ember Longbow: either NOT give it to the rogue, or give out shortbows and crossbows. You had the ablity to do that before, why can you do it now?

Teleport Issues: While annoying, not difficult, even if you are new to the game, to run back to the village. Again, if you have the time, it should be fixed.

Bags: Maybe placing mushrooms ONLY on Korthos Island and get the bag from the collector themself might help new people with that. Like, "Here's a collectible bag if you see any mushrooms that are sparkly click on them and you may be able to pick up special mushrooms. When you think you have enough, come back to me and I will trade you for items." and so forth.

CRESTS: Havethem fall on the floor or physically appear. Several new people I talked to had issues with that.

GROUPING: THe lock on Korthos island to group with people who have (or have not ) done Misery's Peak is very confusing, and very unfair. This needs to be fixed ASAP! Also, a trainer on LFM's might be in order. ALMOST ALL the new people I talked with were confused and did not know it was useful.

Icy Rainments


Very ugly. I have already told how I feel about this on another thread, so I will not say it here. However, this was the wrong fix. SHould have upped the % of Drops in GoP.

Reaver's Fate


it is harder. no naps for anyone.


It is harder, but doable.


Adding more Air elelmentals is fine. Adding Different elementals is fine. Upping their saves a LITTLE is fine. Upping their saves ALOT, and adding more, and the Reaver wandering everywhere maybe not so much.

Suggestions: Either Tone down the saves on the Air elementals, or get different elementals (or even mephits for that matter). NOT EVERYTHING!!!

11-07-2008, 02:01 PM
I have to agree the grouping issue on Korthos should be fixed.