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11-01-2008, 08:35 PM
Hi everyone! Episode 92 of DDOcast is ready to go. This one's a Halloween special, we all switch roles for the show. You can find the episode HERE (http://www.cyberears.com/cybrss/4382.mp3) - just left-click to play, right-click and 'save as' to download as an mp3. Thanks so much for listening.

:29 welcome
1:29 plug
1:58 Mod 8 released
2:57 trial accounts
3:18 stuck spots
3:42 character slots
3:56 DX10
4:34 intimidate changes
6:07 compendium updates
7:15 Ask the Devs transcript
7:35 Inside the Monestary
14:44 Top Ten
18:43 Know Your Role
21:44 Definitive Collectibles
24:38 Girl Gamers
33:38 Ask Merlask
34:38 Clankenbeard's Masterwork Theatre

11-02-2008, 03:14 AM

11-02-2008, 08:40 AM
I was supposed to do Guild Life this week. D'oh! My apologies!

The Rheeb

11-02-2008, 06:53 PM
Best Poem Ever!

Thats was freaking awesome Clanky :p

Great work guys *golf claps all round*

11-02-2008, 10:04 PM
Fantastic! Man, Clank, you're one funny SOB. :D

Best Poem Ever! Thats was freaking awesome Clanky :p
Thanks "the_Mike" (Yeah, I speak a little French) and CanDanceGood! I am glad to hear the poem was liked. I was also glad Jerry let me sneak it in at like 5:30pm on Saturday. Thanks Jerry! I got called into work on Saturday and the poem didn't get the final polish it deserved. But it was still fun.

I was really afraid that there is no target audience for the poem. So few people appreciate the carefully designed beauty of The Pit. Most folks want in and out and there's only a handful of folks that love it (read: Tourguide Lessah). So I'm glad it hit home with a few folks.

I will be humming Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 for about a week now. If'n I get enough positive feedback, I may make another Masterwork Theater. I'm a sucker for a compliment.

11-03-2008, 01:19 AM
Clanky stole the show!


11-10-2008, 01:53 AM
OMFG You were in that group too!!!!!

Nice job man, very funny :)