View Full Version : NPE thoughts and 1 complaint

10-30-2008, 07:15 PM
With my 2 new slots I decided to roll up a new character last night and was very surprised with the npe and korthos.

I saw a lot of templates there, 3 for each class and the attribute pts were already assigned which kinda threw me off for a bit. It took a sec to figure out how to "customize" my character the way I wanted him and in doing so I wanted to see all the class templates as well. Many of the templates were stuff the community created (but simplified) most notably was the "Kargon" template in the barbarian section.

Then I stumbled upon my complaint.

- WF fighters have 2 looks...... 1 with armor and 1 without. Other classes have much more variety than this.

Anyway, finished up and moved on to korthos. The island looked nice and was huge. It was a good story and story is the essence of D&D, good job there. The difficulty was well balanced for a single player of any class and shrines were everywhere, just in case. The explorer zone was great, I did have a little trouble finding quests but I had the same problem in town as well, mostly because I wasnt reading every line and just picked out what i needed to do.

The npc's were funny and useful, the dragon fight at the end didnt seem cheesey......... I actually buffed up and tried to find a way to join the fight, to no avail.

I think Im gunna hang out on Korthos till Im 4th or 5th level then bang out the harbor stuff.

Glad sigmond and Jacoby are still there and that huge troll underground...... omg I hope that thing never wakes up.