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DDOcast’s Ask the Devs, from Episode 91
Air Date: 10/25/08

Jerry: All right, welcome to the sixth edition of "Ask the Devs" here on DDOCast. We have a nice full group of people from Turbine here to answer your questions, so let me get started with some introductions. First up with us is Eladrin. How ya doing Eladrin?

Eladrin: Good.

Jerry: Good, good. Keeping busy, I'm sure, getting ready for Mod 8 and what, maybe doing some work on Mod 9 and drinking a lot. Nice. Also with us is FlimsyFirewood. How ya doing Flimsy?

FlimsyFirewood: So far, so good.

Jerry: Good, good. Keeping ya buys there at DDO?

FlimsyFirewood: Ah, yeah. Really.

Jerry: Nice.

Tolero: You guys all sound so energetic.

Jerry: You guys are worn out, huh.

Tolero: Like "Oh my god, we're so beat! All these Modules (inaudible).

Jerry: Well we've been meaning to tape this "Ask the Devs" for a couple of weeks now. You've been so apologetic, Tolero, and we really appreciate that. It's kind of funny because I keep getting these e-mails saying, "You know, we wanted to tape it at this date, but the devs are just busy doing Mod 8 (or doing this, that or the other thing)." So I know that you guys have been working really hard, and we really do appreciate that. Also with us is Eldorudo. How ya doing Eldorudo?

Eldorudo: Unlike the other guys, Jerry, I am fantastic!

Jerry: Good, good! Also with us is Tharagrim. How ya doing, Tharagrim?

Tharagrim: Doing pretty good. How ya doing Jerry?

Jerry: Doing excellent, myself. It's starting to turn a little bit winter-like up here in Minnesota. Last couple of days we've seen the temperature drop, but it's kind of a nice time to be here too. All right, also with us is Django. How ya doing Django?

Django: Hi Jerry, nice to be here again. Like Eldorudo, I'd say I'm doing fantastic but I don't wanna take his schtick.

Jerry: Nice. Also we have a new voice to "Ask the Devs" here. A developer that I've not met yet goes by the name of Nanook. How ya doing Nanook?

Nanook: Hey Jerry, doing great. And yourself?

Jerry: Doing great. And I found out before we started taping here we have a bit in common with our like of Frank Zappa's music, hence the name.

Nanook: I love Frank Zappa, yeah man, he's been an inspiration to me for a long time.

Jerry: All right, now we've got the voices attached to the names, let's go down the list of questions. We have a good list of questions for "Ask the Devs" this week. I wanted to try and get through as many of these as we can. Hopefully we can also talk a little bit about Mod 8, which is somewhat up on Risia right now as well. So we'll see how much we can cram into the show here.

All right, first question comes from Steiner-Davion who says, "The traditional starter quests have a small amount of favor associated with them. Will the quests in the New Player Experience (NPE) have favor associated with them as well? If so, what faction/factions (I think he means favor) and how will this favor difference be handled with currently existing characters?"

So basically what he's asking is, we have our old favor from the harbor quests; many of those harbor quests are getting redone into quests for Korthos Village. How is the whole favor thing gonna work? Are we gonna see a net gain or loss in favor? I also understand that the Korthos stuff is a somewhat different House that you earn favor for, so how is this all gonna work?

Eladrin: It's a secret. No, actually, they're all on Free Agent rep I think.

Eldorudo: Free Agent, yeah.

Eladrin: Whereas before they were Coin Lords. So now you know the answer and you can talk.

Eldorudo: Well I knew the answer, but I don't know how it's different . . .

Tolero: Any of the ones that had originally Coin Lord favor - why can't I say that? Coin. Lord. Favor. - yeah, Coin Lord favor, retain that same favor type but the newer quests that have been added are on Free Agents.

Jerry: Ok, so the stuff that's been revamped is still going to be on Coin Lord favor? Say, the tavern brawl that's on Korthos Village that’s going to be still Coin Lord favor rather than Free Agent Favor?

Tolero: I don't have the list in front of me right now. I know in some cases the Wavecrest quest evolved a lot. We've done a lot with that since its inception, so in some cases if there are parts that got added to it, it may also be on Free Agents rather than the Coin Lord. Anything where you get that nice deja vu sense, those are still gonna be on your Coin Lord favor.

Jerry: Ok, I think the reason he asks is because he's wondering if someone were to rerun the revamped quests, so to speak, you know, the new quests that are sort of built on the old quests, would they see a change in the allocation of their favor, do you know?

Tolero: No, you're not gonna be going in and running those old quests to try and stack favor on top of what you already had before. I hope that clears it up. It's a little confusing for people when we change everything around about the way they're used to stuff.

Jerry: Sure. Do you know will that switch if I were I to rerun it from Coin Lord favor to Free Agent favor if that change was made in the quest.

Tolero: There shouldn't be any that converted Houses. If they were already there, they should have stayed with what they had originally, and if they were a new edition then they would be under Free Agent.

Jerry: Alright, well that sounds good. Let's bring in the next question here. This one comes from Oleg, saying, "When will we get personal housing like in Lord of the Rings Online (LoTRO)?" Are you guys in any position to talk about this one yet?

Eladrin: Nope.

Jerry: Nope. One of those 'stay tuned' things, huh.

Nanook(?): Yeah it's one of those 'stay tuned' type things.

Jerry: Sure, sure.

Eladrin: It is safe to say that if we do have it, then it won't be exactly like in LoTRO. It'll be better customized to suit our needs.

Tolero: It'll fit with the D&D theme.

Jerry: All right, let's move on to question number 3. This one comes from ArkoHighStar: "Any thought about adding a quest mode for adventure zones to broaden their appeal and usefulness? Basically," he says, "being able to enter the area as a quest with objectives and xp upon completion. Say, for example, Irestone Inlet. It's an open area quest with multiple objectives. Could they take an outdoor area like Searing Heights and add a new mode where the area becomes an open area quest, while at the same time keeping the option to do it as a regular adventure zone?

Eldorudo: Well, we've given a lot of thought, Jerry, to advancing the way we do things. We're always looking for new methods to try to make the game better, and that's one of the areas that we've thought about. We don't have anything, especially in Mod 8, immediately pending that we're trying new, but we definitely have a lot of ideas that we're working on, and in the future we should see some continual revamps of old areas and trying new things just to try and enhance them, make them more compelling and engaging for players moving forward. So as of right now, there's nothing I can speak of, but moving forward, there definitely will be some additions and tweaks, and we're always looking to make things more interesting and better for the players.

Jerry: Speaking of renovating older areas, I'm not 100% sure but, have you guys done a little bit to the Ruins of Threnal for Mod 8 here? It seems to look a little different when I was checking it out on Risia.

Eldorudo: Yeah, Threnal got a little bit of a visual revamp. As far as gameplay, nothing has been changed about that. But visually, it looks a little bit better. That's an area that we're still not done with yet, but we saw an opportunity to make some tweaks there and make it look a little bit more appealing, so we took that opportunity.

Jerry: Sure, sure. Yeah, I just happened to be in there, I was like, ya know, I can't remember and I don't normally play with my settings on very high but it looked really nice and I was thinking, man did you guys change it a bit?

Alright, next question comes from Sarezar: "Are there any plans to change or alter the way monster and quest collectables drop and are used? For example, will we see monsters drop collectables that currently drop only from decorations like alchemy labs, mushrooms, etc.? Will we see better rewards from NPC's or will they just be used in new Stone of Change recipes? Finally, will we see a better distribution among all levels? At the moment," he notes, "all high level quests drop only House Deneith ward collectables with a few exceptions. Are there any other changes in general and when?"

Kind of a multi-part question there. So what do ya think?

Tolero: We've already seen one additional collector of sorts when we did the Subterranean. There's actually the Planar Tokens that you can go and turn in to the fellow that stands outside. Not the event tokens, but he actually has a different series of items related to those which is a little different than the normal collectors.

Jerry: Sure, sure.

Eladrin: We've also changed the way in which collectables drop to make it easier to acquire them.

Jerry: What do ya mean by that?

Eladrin: When a monster is killed now, instead of having a sparkle on the corpse, which can be difficult in some instances where, like the fire elementals tend to float away, that sort of thing, or a monster explodes into a bunch of pieces like a skeleton or is totally destroyed by an ice weapon or a holy weapon. Now instead they'll drop a small purple treasure sack which you can click on to get your loot.

Jerry: Hmm. You know, actually I noticed that when I was on Korthos and I guess I thought maybe it was just part of the NPE thing, but that's a nice change I think to see that throughout the game.

Tharagrim: Hopefully in the future we'll have a couple more different things that we could work into the entire collectable system. Hopefully as new content gets out we'll be able to add additional collectables, things of that sort and also do more token reward-type vendors.

In the upcoming module, you'll see the same sort of thing that was with the Subterranean where there'll be particular runes that go out which can be traded for fabulous prizes, I guess would be a good way to put it. So pretty much, we're in the process of revamping it slowly as we can. I think it's a place where we do have a little bit of room to put in a couple of new cool things and we can expand it to make it a little bit more interesting and a little more robust.

Jerry: Well that sounds good. Sounds really good. Are we talking about armor upgrades there, because we read about that a little bit this week I think it was either in Ten Ton Hammer or Massively, their look at it.

Tharagrim: Yes, actually a lot of the stuff having to do with the token turn-ins for this next module have to do with armor upgrades and the system that we instituted for that. I'm really looking forward to the player feedback. I hope they really enjoy the changes that we made and the new armor type which is called Dragon Touched armor.

Jerry: Cool, cool. Maybe we can get into Dragon touched armor a little later as well if we have some more time.

Let me move on to the next question. This one comes from Petr, saying "Please tell someone from Turbine when you speak to them to make a new monster type: goblins. Kobolds are really nice, but I think when we have hobgoblins and bugbears we should have low level goblins for starter quests and low level fun. Goblins are great, and I think quite iconic monsters. Please tell this to someone at Turbine." So, I'm telling ya. Goblins?

Flimsy Firewood: Paragon Kobolds!

Jerry: Well that's true.

Eladrin: Kobolds hate goblins.

Jerry: Is that right?

Eladrin (?): Kobolds hate everyone.

Jerry: Yeah that’s right.

Eladrin?: Must smash big box!

Jerry: I guess, seriously though, is there any thought about adding goblins to maybe compliment our low level monster types?

Tolero: We're always looking at different creatures to add in. I haven't seen the specific list of which monsters are coming. I know that there's different kinds that we can go for for different levels. I mean, even the Sahaugin were a big change. It used to be that when you went into the lower levels, you're inundated with kobolds constantly. Well now, you're meeting a lot of different types of creatures right off the bat. You get to see a lot of the Sahaugin which first made their appearance in the Three Barrel Cove, or you get to see there's some interesting spiders that have been put in to the snow area of Korthos Island. We're always kind of investigating what places we can put some creatures that are gonna suprise ya.

Jerry: Cool. I should actually note, there's a p.s. to this question as well, saying "Looking on your website I got an idea when we saw the picture of the snow in the next Mod that they should make frost giants to the game." Well it looks like this guy was a bit psychic, because it sounds like we're gonna be seeing some frost giants, huh.

Eladrin: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Eldorudo: Yeah, we'll get those right in, actually.

Jerry: Yeah!

Eldorudo: We'll fast-track them.

Jerry: Nice.

Eladrin: How about some more white dragons too?

Jerry: Yeah that sounds good.

Eldorudo: Ok, yeah let's do that.

Tolero: We can SO put in a white dragon.

Eldorudo: How about a Paragon kobold archmage?

Eladrin: That's just crazy talk. Let's do it.

Jerry: Nice. Frost giant kobolds? We could have some kind of inter-breeding thing going on where you have a 20' tall kobold.

Eldorudo: That's just wrong, Jerry. That's wrong.

Eladrin: We did talk about the half-fiend gelatinous cube, though.

Tolero: We decided it would be red, like red Jell-O.

Jerry: Nice. A Christmas cube. Alright next question comes from Vyctor: "I was curious if in the next segment if you could ask the devs about the potential for adding double and reach weapons, specifically the spiked chain and, with the upcoming addition of half-orcs, the orc double axe." What do ya think, could we see - I know this has been talked about a little bit in the past, but are we any closer to maybe seeing double or extra long reach weapons?

Tharagrim: That's rather doubtful, Jerry. At this time, we have a number of different things we are working on. Those things just don't happen to be on the top of the priority list. We may have things like, possibly things like Drow longknives and Elven thin blades coming in, but right now we don't have any plan on putting on any double weapons or reach weapons like spiked chains.

Jerry: I imagine it would basically be a lot of coding work, huh.

Eladrin: A lot of animation work, really.

Jerry: Oh yeah, sure. All right, next question comes from Rezik: "Some of us have been playing since very early on and have never wavered from the game. One thing that would be very amenable to the old school players is that we can make our old 28 point builds bumped up to 32 points."

This guy writes, "It's always a monkey on my back knowing that character that I have been playing for two years and love will never be as optimal as his younger counterpart that isn't even possible without the elder's favor. Can we get the extra four points for one or more of our old 28 point builds?"

Maybe something we could move into favor, any possibility of a favor reward for maybe hitting 2000 or whatever on the old character?

Eladrin: One of the big problems we have with upgrading characters from 28 to 32 points is retroactivity and things along those lines. It is something that we're always thinking about, but, uh . . . you need to not distract me in the middle of a sentence.

Tolero: I'm trying to help . . .

Eladrin: . . . but +4 tomes in Mod 9! Really?

Tolero: Yeah.

Eladrin: Really?!?

Tolero: that's what I was trying to tell you.

Eladrin: Oh, wow!

(Django, maybe?): Yeah, actually they will be in Mod 9.

Eladrin: I'm gonna go back to drinking my iced tea.

Jerry: Really, did we just get a confirmation of +4 tomes in Mod 9?

(Hard to place the voice to a name, Tharagrim maybe?): Yup.

Jerry: Nice. Well I guess that would sort of solve that problem then, wouldn't it.

Tharagrim: Yeah, it's one of those funny things is that no matter pretty much whatever else I do, all the hours of work making hand crafted, really important, really cool items, people will look . . .

Eladrin: Where are my tomes?

Tharagrim: Exactly. People will be, just like where are my tomes?

Jerry: Hey, our DDO characters like to read. Reading is good. Next question comes from Michael Sr. "There are times when I break a barrel or crate and the item ends up dropping, but into a wall or pillar. I can see the sparkle visual but can't see the item. Is this being looked into?" Kind of a bug fix I think.

Eladrin: Yeah, actually I fixed it on my local machine and I accept bribes for checking it into the live branch.

Jerry: Nice.

Eladrin: Oh, ok fine. Yeah, we're looking into the scatter problems and we'll be taking care of them.

Jerry: Sure, sure.

Eldorudo: Eladrin really likes cookies, by the way.

Jerry: Alright, next question comes from Oakhart: "Will the dragonmark system be updated? More dragonmark related enhancements, feats, maybe discounts at House shops, vendors, etc.?"

Eladrin: I believe the thing that you'll be looking at first is the Dragonmark Heir prestige enhancement line. There are always plans for future upgrades.

Jerry: Sure. So maybe when we see the level cap increase, we might see a couple new Dragonmark Prestige enhancements?

Eladrin: I'm not sure if it'll come that early, but it is on our list of things to do.

Jerry: Oh, ok. Next question from Jason here, "Why are the Symbol spells cooldown timers linked, and why is there a cooldown timer so different from the standard?"

It's kind of one of those questions I've had as a cleric too. You cast Symbol of Persuasion and your Symbol of Pain or whatever also gets linked on a timer. Any thought about separating those out?

Eladrin: I think that's one we may not actually be able to answer right now because the quick and obvious truth would be because we hate them. But really, it was originally because of some sort of lingering spell effects limitation that I don't quite remember because I wasn't the person that did it. So I can't give a satisfactory answer to that right now without doing some research.

Tolero: It would have been a Zyrca question but she's not on the cast with us today.

Jerry: Well maybe we can have that one answered in an "Ask the Devs Unplugged" or something here in the future. All right, final official question from the submitters this week is "Is there any chance the devs would consider and allow the benefits of the Finesse feat to apply to Trip?"

Eladrin: Weapon Finesse?

Jerry: I think so, I assume that's what he's talking about.

Eladrin: Weapon Finesse should assist you with your Trip attempts on the roll to-hit already, if you're using a Finessable weapon.

Jerry: Alright, well I know I've taken some of your time but I just thought as long as I had you here maybe I could throw a couple of Mod 8 questions at you because obviously this is what you guys have been working on pretty hard, and we're just getting our first look-see at it on Risia and all that sort of thing. I wanted to ask you a little bit about maybe first off, we've seen some changes into the Marketplace, you know, where the old tent was, there's now some scaffolding and various towers and defense armaments and that sort of thing going up. Is this a symbol of things to come?

Eldorudo: Yeah, they're actually starting to rebuild the Marketplace. Not quite sure what will become of it. I guess we'll see in the upcoming months and years, but they've begun the process of rebuilding. We should see some updates as we move along here. This is just the first of many updates to the area.

Jerry: So eventually maybe, just throwing out a time frame here, maybe like a year from now or something, we'll see something kind of as an official replacement for the tent being built up over time?

Eldorudo: Unless, of course, the devils decide to strike back again.

Jerry: That's true too. You know Meridia has been added to the Teleportation and Greater Teleport list with Mod 8, but I noticed at least on Risia it wasn't added to the transporters. Any chance, this is kind of a personal question on my end, sorry for hogging the show with my personal questions, but that was one of mine. Any chance adding Meridia to the in-game teleporters for those of us who can't cast Teleport or Greater Teleport?

Tolero: You're talking the little doorway that's in the Houses?

Jerry: Exactly.

Tolero: Ok. Most of those doorways are setup right no to transport you between House wards as kind of a story thing. A lot of times players wanna be able to travel here, travel there for convenience, but in some cases we have to be really careful because we don't wanna be breaking people's story flow by doing that.

Jerry: Oh ok, sure. Right. Another question I guess I had is, it was mentioned in one of the third party press articles this week that we're seeing Hirelings on Risia right now and by all indications are looking pretty good by the way, but I understand maybe they're not going to be there right away at the start of Mod 8 going live. Can we get an elaboration on that? What do ya mean by that?

Tolero: Sure. What we're gonna be doing is Hirelings are a really elaborate system compared to a lot of things that we've put into the game. This isn't as simple as - not that making quests is simple, but we have a certain format we go through when we're doing quests - whereas now we're introducing a whole different type of AI into the game, so that's gonna require us to monitor it a little bit more closely even if everything goes absolutely, positively 100% great, there's still a need to watch how they work. Is this gonna cause a problem for a player, is this gonna cause any problem for the server, so we're gonna want to control the way that those get introduced to the players.

Initially, we're gonna let everyone dig into Module 8, you'll have your high level content and NPE, character gen, all that great stuff, and then once we're a little bit in, then we're gonna be announcing some Hireling events, where we can preview the Hirelings.

Jerry: So like in game live events involving Hirelings?

Tolero: Yeah, what we'll be doing is we'll be bringing the vendors in and we'll make an announcement when the vendors are available and encourage everybody to go in, grab a Hireling, and go try them out.

Jerry: And then eventually we will see them, presumably added permanently to the game with like, what, maybe an 8.1 patch or something of that nature?

Tolero: Right, as long as everything goes smoothly, then of course we'll be bringing them in. If things go really great, we might bring them sooner than we were hoping.

Jerry: Cool, cool.

Eladrin: We just wanna be able to have our hands on that on/off switch.

Jerry: Yeah. I can imagine. So how many hours did you guys spend on Hirelings? Was it in the hundreds?

Eladrin: All of them. Ask Codog.

Jerry: Unfortunately Codog isn't here to defend himself, but I can imagine.

Tolero: I did see him crawl out from his Hireling dungeon onto the forums the other day, so he's finally breathing the light away from the Hirelings. From the sounds of it, from talking to all the devs that have been working on it and getting my feelers out for 'What are these gonna be? How are they gonna work? What have we done with them?' Even though it's been a lot of work, the guys all have great stories about them and they seem to really enjoy them. I think it'll be a really good product once it's in, and players will really get a lot of use out of them.

Eldorudo: And after doing the monks and now the Hirelings, Codog's starting to resemble a Cozombie. He hasn't slept in about five or six months I think.

Jerry: Yeah, I bet.

Eldorudo: He might need some time for some shut-eye now.

Jerry: Sure. In regards to the storyline with Mod 8, obviously we don't want to get into spoilers or anything here, but are we seeing the end of the Reaver's Bane storyline with Mod 8?

Eldorudo: No. This is just a continuation of the storyline. This is sort of like the intermission, if you will. We had the opening, and this is the intermission, and we will probably have the third act coming soon, hopefully. Maybe more, but there's definitely a third act in the works.

Jerry: So one question I had in regards to Mod 8 here is sort of one developer really focuses on a dungeon there and I kinda heard that Django, you worked on one in particular or probably a whole bunch of them, but can you give me a look at something that maybe we can point to in Mod 8 and say hey Django did that?

Django: Well if you find yourself fighting Sahaugin and minions of the Devourer in the Wavecrest Tavern, you can blame that on me. If you find a certain pile of crystals and you need to look for some valves to turn off the coolant, you can blame that on me. You can think about blaming some other stuff, but I worked a little bit on the landscape, Keeper was working on that before she left, I did some monster spawns that was then rehashed by one of the other developers some too. So a lot of people had their hands in there. Overall it was pretty fun, I've played through these quests a lot of times and tried to keep the integrity of the quests and yet present to you a play experience for our players and trying to add some interest and some flair where we could.

Jerry: I have to say that the tavern brawl quest as I've been terming it is one of my favorites of the new low level stuff. Did you have inspiration one day when you were looking at redesigning the Old Sully's Grog quest and saying you know what, there should be a fight in the tavern?

Django: Yeah that’s roughly how it happened. I sat down and I wanted to rehash the tavern because it looked a little too big for a small island. So I cut out some links, you might notice that the tavern is a bit smaller then it used to be and looks a little different, but overall the tables are in the same place. That’s actually because it's the same tavern with the middle section cut out.

Jerry: Oh nice.

Django: So when I did that, I was kinda looking at it, and was like it would be kinda fun if I was running on top of the tables fighting guys, kinda like those old pirate movies where they're fighting on top of the mast and whatnot. So I went with that. It was fun.

Jerry: It was really an inspired decision as far as I'm concerned, like I said, it's one of my new favorites. So Flimsy, I know you worked, if I'm not mistaken, on some of the items and stuff as well, but did you work on some quests as well?

FlimsyFirewood: I'm actually one of the dungeon designers, so items are not really what I do.

Jerry: Oh no, nevermind, that was Tharagrim, actually.

FlimsyFirewood: But I am kind of responsible for one item that already made it on a screenshot on the live forums that people were complaining about.

Jerry: Oh no.

FlimsyFirewood: Yeah. The masterwork toothpick.

Jerry: Oh, ok.

FlimsyFirewood: Yeah it has quite a story, but I don't want to spoil it yet.

Jerry: Sure. Now, who worked on the puzzles for this new high-end stuff, because we're reading this week on the third party site about some of these puzzles. Was that you as well Flimsy?

FlimsyFirewood: Which puzzles are you referring to?

Jerry: I guess in the high level content and some of the Reaver's Refuge quests?

FlimsyFirewood: Reaver's Refuge was Django. I mean, the jumping.

Jerry: Oh, ok.

FlimsyFirewood: I did the puzzles in the Monastery of the Scorpion and the Prey on the Hunter but that's not really much of a puzzle quest. It's more of a run and smash and smash and run some more.

Jerry: Alright, well I don't wanna take too much of your time but I guess I should probably wrap this up by asking the big question that everybody seems to be asking, and that is when is Mod 8 coming out? When is Mod 8 coming out? When is Mod 8 coming out?

Tolero: Sooooon! Seriously soon. It's so soon that it would sneak up and bite you.

Jerry: Well let me ask you this, this show airs on Saturday . . .

Eldorudo: Ow! It just bit me!

Jerry: Will it be up by the time the show is up?

Tolero: Your show usually runs on Saturday, and we're here in the middle of the week right now, so you won't see it then. This is such awkward timing for the recording because this week we're gonna actually be doing a Hireling event on Risia so we wanna get that feedback under our belt first, and then we'll have Mod 8 shortly thereafter. I'll have all the announcements and the WOOHOO! MOD 8 IS COMING! REJOICE! type stuff for ya.

Jerry: Yeah, well that sounds good. All right well I think I've taken about as much of your guy's time as I can this evening here. Thanks for all the work you guys have been doing on Mod 8 and a little bit of what we've already heard about Mod 9. Sounds like you guys are working hard, and not hardly working. So we really do appreciate it.

Tolero: There's gonna be a lot of good stuff.

Jerry: All right, with me this week on "Ask the Devs" is Eldorudo, Eladrin, FlimsyFirewood, Tharagrim, Django, and Nanook. Thanks everyone - oh, and Tolero. Thanks everyone for being on the show.

Eldorudo: Thank you very much Jerry. I always love coming on the show with you.

Eladrin: Thanks Jerry.

FlimsyFirewood: Thanks for having us.

Nanook: Thanks Jerry, it was fun being my first time here.

Jerry: Yep, yep.

Django: Thanks again.

Tolero: Thanks Jerry.


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