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10-16-2008, 03:48 PM
We are looking for players for the Wednesday night Team. We started off strong with 4-6 players the first few weeks but attendance has been light ever since.

Our current standings as of this week is levels 4-7.

Looking to rebuild Team to play every Wednesday if able. Post here in this forum thread if unable to attend so we don't wait for you.

Start time 7PM EST

1. NO twinking of character.

2. NO PUGGING!!! We try to keep the levels somewhat close. We are not POWER GAMERS just a casual band of adventures.

3. You can solo adventure on your off days to catch up on XP or Adventure with members of the guild from other nights if they are available. Use the RP channel to see if any other RP guilds are on that we are associated with and travel with them.

4. we are a very light RP group.

5. We take the adventures slow go for the optionals try to maximize the experience.
NO ZERGING!!! We take the quests one at a time at the level the group thinks it can handle if available. We do not just jump to Elite and party wipe that is not fun and a waste of our time.

If any questions or interested in trying it one night please pm Emanon67 or tcmexman.

Please lookup Krakenskullz or Yetta in game on Wed nights.

10-22-2008, 11:41 AM
Guys I will not be joining you tonite as I haven't beeen felling too well the last few days.

Go ahead with out me. If I feel any better later I might come on.


11-25-2008, 11:52 AM
Please sound off if you will be attending this weeks session. 7pm EST til whenever since no onne has to work the following day (possibly).

What are you looking to do? place requests here.

Sorry about the last month but I have been sick on/off since the middle of Oct.

I believe I have my condition under control for now (knock wood). Still trying to diagnose what I have.

hope we see everybody tomorrow.


01-04-2009, 06:15 PM
I've been playing ddo for about two years, with a recent four month lay off. I'm getting back into the game but I came from a static group experience that was absolutely awesome. We were super strategic, didn't rush at all, no tweenking/auction houses etc. In all, it was an amazing experience yet we disbanded because three people decided to become parents.

After this experience, I've found PUGs to be horribly disappointing. I have certain things that I like to see in a group and have certain expectations about how I like them to run. Those are:
1. Strategy- discussing battles or having one player give out the orders for the group. Alot of direction and almost militaristic in approach. It allows a group to take on much more powerful enemies when every action is maximized and every player knows there role.
2. No tweeking, auction houses- the economy of the game is part of the fun but these aspects upset the balance and give an unfair advantage to the player. I earn what I play with and it makes end rewards that much more exciting. In essence, I like to pretend that my group are the only adventurers in Stormreach.
3. No spoilers- i pretend as though I and my companions have never been to Stormreach before.

So I was thinking about trying to start a new group but it is incredibly difficult to put one together.

Here's what I have to offer:
1. 11 level dwarf fighter...a killing machine with a wealth of axes at his disposal. Currently on Ghallanda but I am transferring to sarlona this week.
2. Very committed to a group and like to have fun and build relationships with my companions.
3. Completely into experiencing the quest without spoilers and becoming totally absorbed in the environment and emotions.
4. A pnp background. Not a massive wealth of dnd knowledge yet enough to maximize my toon to the best of their ability.
5. Flexible schedule for gaming...monday evenings are perfect.
6. 34 years old...mature...etc.
7. Haven't ever played 'roll-playing' style but am figuring out that it is what I am looking for as a player. I probably won't give voice to my dwarf but I will play like him, which is to swing my axes with all fury.

If you are interested and have a position available, contact me at marmadukedog@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you.

01-04-2009, 11:42 PM
Wednesday began as an experimental group. It was originally a test concept with a looser team structure where more people would ebb and flow in a somewhat less Dedicated fashion...

Alas that apparently did not work out well, and some of the players in the Wednesday group eventually moved on to join another of our other 8 teams.

Doesn't mean there isn't room to add a new Wednesday group back in ;)

I'll update my main post (in the signature line) to reflect this :o. Our newest team is actually run by me on Thursdays - but I fear the timeslot would likely not work for you.