View Full Version : VirusClan Reboot: An Open Letter

10-15-2008, 08:39 PM
Yesterday or thereabouts, Lumi, the previous leader of VC whom I have been standing in for posted on the guild message that he is cancelling DDO service and giving away his stuff. I wish him well and begrudge no one their gaming or life choices. They are theirs to make. No, there's been no drama.

Over the last several weeks a number of stalwart guild members have left. I bear them no grudges or malice either. Their choices are theirs alone.

However, since Lumi has relinquished his command officially, I am no longer caretaker or stand-in but DDO VirusClan leader fully. Before I let people come and go as they pleased without too much caring as I did not feel empowered to make any changes from the way we already were as Lumi was still subject to return whenever he had time. That is no longer the case and the time has come for a reboot.

Here's the direction, rules, what we're looking for in players.

Casual play is our core style. Neither I nor most adult players who have jobs, bills, families, etc. can or want to be on all day. Yes, there is something other than DDO in the world. Therefore, players are encouraged to play when they can and wish, not when the guild says BE THERE. Guilds are there for players, not the other way around.
Guild play is encouraged whenever you can, but there's not always people around. Do what you can as you can and you're not expected to do more.
COMMUNICATION is important. Though we don't presently have a forum/website and I have no money to make one at present, there's in-game mail, tells, and the guild chat pane. I EXPECT them to be used. We're generally adults and open communication is normal and healthy even if it is just bs'n in guild chat.
We want players with good heads on their shoulders in terms of maturity. Have a sense of humor. Be willing to give answers to questions in guild chat. Change toons and group with someone every so often to help get favor or whatever.
We are NOT envious or jealous. If you want to spread your toons across as many guilds as you have toons, go for it. Inter-guild relations are always better this way.
I do not and will never treat the guild as a repository of grouping buddies for me or any officers leaving less "popular" or "frequent" players to pug exclusively. If I open a group to members, anyone with the right toon is free to say "me too".

That's it. I have three level cap toons and intend to keep them that way and a number of lowbies. I am on generally 9pm to 12am nearly every evening. Check us out on Ghallanda. The guild is actively recruiting. I am staying with DDO as long as I can afford it and the game continues running with some semblance of content releases.