View Full Version : looking for a new guild

09-13-2008, 02:43 PM
the Psychopathic Killers is a new guild just made about a week ago, and we are looking for peeps to join our guild.
are u sick of guilds that don't seem to want to help you when you need help. or that is full of you kids
we are looking for good peeps that want to play ddo, and have fun. that is willing to help their guild members, and that wants to strive to have the best guild on the server. if u are looking for a new home for your toon please join are guild. if u would like to get in please contact
Darkcarnival, nikoo, cloudgazer, oulong, jessyyka, mazlin, or zaman to join on the Khyber server. please only 18 or older please we are not acceping kids in our guild, this is a adult only guild.