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09-02-2008, 07:24 PM
(Dracolich mentioned Unearthed Arcana's armour DR in another thread - cheers. While this is not exactly the same as UA's, it provides a good basis see original UA version here: SRD Unearthed Arcana Armour (http://www.systemreferencedocuments.org/35/sovelior_sage/unearthedDefence.html))

Proposal: An improvement to existing armour and shields to balance the yawning cavern between armour and DEX based AC. "Traditional" melee classes need a boost. (More in favour of boosts than nerfs to existing stuff)

Method: All armour types in game effectively gain a DR rating - similar to how the suffix powers of Axeblock, Invulnerability etc work now. Difference is that all armours gain a blanket DR.

This DR won't be huge but it will add a useful extra layer of defence that will make armours more attractive. While the DR amount might seem small - this DR is designed to provide a benefit over an extended period of time. Over hundreds of attacks it adds up to be a definite boon to armoured melee.

As the existing DR mechanic works in favour of this - i.e. DR doesn't stack, it just "layers" where more than one DR is present it should be easily manageable and non game breaking to add. Enemies do sufficient damage that the newly added DR won't become an immunity.

In addition to their current AC bonuses,
Light armours give DR2/-
Medium armours give DR3/-
Heavy armours give DR4/-
Tower Shields give DR3/- that stacks with other DR/- (possibly impossible to implement due to techincal restrictions)

In game, armoured fighter types will now have increased survivability through damage mitigation.

This does require a bit of rebalancing to some other areas:

Warchanter Ironskin chant: Duration is short so would be fair to increase this to DR10/-.
Stoneskin Spell: Provides DR10/Adamantine already which will layer with armour DR.
Angel Skin: Provides DR5/Evil would also be fair to increase to DR10/Evil for a little extra Paladin love.
Warforged innate DR will still be comparable (and better with enhancements) to new armour granted DR
... Of Invulnerability is already useless as pretty much any mob of comparable level to the item is classed as having magic weapons for DR purposes.
... Of Axe/Spear/Hammer Block still gives an extra +1 DR over normal stuff. Possibly worth boosting that to DR6/specific or maybe doing away with these suffixes altogether.
Granted it will upset Golden Greaves and Bloodrage Symbiont owners - but as they still function for non-armour wearers they're still pretty useful.