View Full Version : Suggestion for High Level Loot

09-02-2008, 12:31 PM
Suggestion for High Level Loot - Prob Level 18+ Stuff

Greater Disruption/Banishing/Smiting Weapons.

Would be good for the 16+ quests we have so far on elite and for the new stuff.

Good for the economy, as the price of those weapons would drop even more.

Just and idea, if this is old news on the forum, sorry.

Oh and i would love to see some class based weapons and itens, like for exemple assassin gear:

Assassin´s Dagger: +5 Dagger, Slicing, +2 DC on Assassination Attempts and Mid(or High)-Poison on a failure Assassination.

Assassin´s Robes: +5 Armor, Greater Shadow, Greater Silient Moves, Fast Sneaking IV(or something like that)

Again, just an idea, sorry if soemone else already posted about it.