View Full Version : Idea for the new Tutorial Coming Out.

08-26-2008, 06:48 AM
Within the next Mod or two Turbine has decided to create a whole new newbie area and tutorial. With that, I think it would be a great way to help newer players who are considering to play or buy at some point an addition to the Tutorial. Since this is months away from being 100% complete I am wondering if there is a chance to add a special, small part of that tutorial a message to newer players. My idea is to make an addition to the tutorial that includes a brief message about buying plat. Yes, I know. Its a touchy subject and it can become a heated argument at times for some people. Hear me out though.

As we all know we need new blood in the game. We need players making use of trial accounts to someday(hopefully) upgrade into a full account. Because they are new players, most will not know the rules against buying plat or the side effects IF they were to buy plat. Yes, its in the EULA and must be checked before playing. Yet, we all know the majority of players signing up never fully read the EULA. That is a given. So why not instill at least that one rule in the tutorial right from the start? Explain to new players some basic ideas about the rule but also explain about plat spams they might receive once in game. Help them understand how and where to block it, report it and avoid succumbing to the temptation of buying from the very start.

Now, it should not be an in your face type deal. Make it enjoyable, humorous or have a roleplaying aspect to it. Make it decree from the Coin Lords, with a representative from the coin lords explaining how its against the laws of Stormreach, how you will be stripped of all your worldly possessions by them if caught, that you will be jailed(temp banned) if outside currency/items are brought into Stormreach, etc. Make it fun and educational that everyone could be on board with.

Also, maybe direct them to the new forum guide about how to aquire wealth easily and the right way?

This would go a long way to curb anyone new from thinking that buying plat is a good idea. It would help new players who ARE the most vulnerable to the spam in the first place and the temptation buying plat can be for some of them. Will this stop people from buying or stop the spammers from harassing us fully? No, of course not. Yet it is a small step that "might" help curb new players from making the mistake of buying plat. I am sure some might come here to flame me for this or call it a stupid idea, I hope though that others might at least consider my ideas. Maybe even toss in your own ideas along these lines to help out the new players who might wish to buy a full account.