View Full Version : Other issues with ladders

08-24-2008, 05:23 AM
Has anyone had this problem with ladders, I know about the one where you stop in the middle of the ladder, you stop pushing the W key for a second, wait for the animation to put the next arm on the next rung, and than continue up.

But the issue I'm speaking about is when you jump onto a ladder and instead of going up you get an animation that has you climb up two rungs, drop down 5, go up 2 rungs, drop down 5 tell you fall of the ladder, it normally happens when you jump up to on on to a ladder, and the more you push up the more you hitch down, and it happens so fast that you end up at the bottom of the ladder in a couple of seconds. Normally you get off the ladder and than climb up again.

However I've only fallin from a ladder once, this was in the ladder in The Pit as there is no ground to land on directly under the ladder, so you have to climb up the pipes again to get back to the ladder and try again.

The only place that this worries me is VON 2 ladder past the wind bridge, after you take out that beholder, I haven't had it happen to me yet on this ladder, but it worries me when I see it.

But please Dev's, I know this is not going to be fixed, I mean I know with some of the area's that need attention, my first priority would not be to fix a bug that only happens every once in awhile and is normally only a small disturbance, but I ask that with future content not to release these ladders that hang over the air of doom, or a quest failure due to this ladder problem.

Also as I stated previously, has anyone else seen this?

08-24-2008, 08:37 AM
Yup. Happens all the time and it pizzes me off. :mad: Seriously, why did they fix the other ladder bug and not this one?