View Full Version : Getting Sound out of FRAPS

08-14-2008, 10:22 PM
okay video-heads... help this amatuer out. all my videos thus far have been take the video, edit, set to music, done. simple stuff. take video using fraps. edit and make movie using the very free and already on my computer windows movie maker.

but it was requested that in the tribute video coming up on sat (subtle plug) that i record voice chat of people with their well-wishes for Assio. i must be missing something somewhere. some check box. something. i can get my own voice through the microphone recorded, but not the sound coming from my speakers.

in fraps i have the record sound checkbox marked. i have detect best sound input. sound device says logitech USB headset. sound input says default. i checked the control panel and the volumes are set appropriately. not a single mute box is checked anywhere - no in my volume controls on my pc, not in the game. when i bring it into movie maker, properties list it as a video with audio file. it even shows up in the timeline of both video and audio. but the only audio is my mic, nothing else.

i'm at a loss. other than plugging in external speakers and setting my mic next to them to pick up audio, i have no idea what to do. and yes, i am joking about doing that... well, sort of...