View Full Version : VirusClan lives

08-09-2008, 09:08 PM
VirusClan, a guild on for longer than I've been playing, is as always, recruiting on Ghallanda.

We're laid back, don't have a lot of rules, and are not sticklers for mandatory show or feel guilty guild events.

We have only one major rule: NO BAD PLAYERS. I mean the habitually, inherently, need serious therapy and attitude adjustment bad players. We expect only good teamwork, part playing in your groups, and no piking, no lazy slacking, no griefing, no not carrying your weight. Good sportsmanship and the old college try as they say are what we want.

If that's you, see any VirusClan member on Ghallanda to join. If you want to drop a line, send a mail in game to Haph Pint.