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08-03-2008, 01:46 AM
Hi everybody i have a dwarf 13 fighter 1 paladin, TWF which was leveled following the Tesyus build made by Malachi. I can no longer find the thread with the build notes and am looking for some insight on where to go for my last two levels. He plays great at level 14 and once i get my planar gird he will be up to 41 ac unbuffed. Anyone who can help keep me from messing him up would be greatly appreciated. :D

Base Stats
18 STR (26 final)
19 DEX (22 final)
12 CON (14 final)
8 WIS (12 final)

Just going off what i remember (it's been a while since i read the build notes). He's based on taking the dwarven armor mastery feats for full advantage of the max dex bonus on armor without mithral full plate (which i just don't have). A splash of paladin got me a +1 AC and +2 to saves (?) from the aura, and also wand use. I've taken every two weapon fighting and slashing feat i could manage and precision for when hitting is more important than damage. I am pretty sure he's a 32 point build, and every skill point has been thrown into jump.

Two weapon fighting
Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Greater Two Weapon Fighting
Two Weapon Defense

Weapon Focus: Slashing
Weapon Specialization: Slashing
Greater Weapon Focus: Slashing
Greater Weapon Specialization: Slashing
Imrpoved Critical: Slashing Weapons

beyond these i also have iron will, dodge and precision

my saves turn out to be 13/15/13 i have a 27 to hit bonus and 39 AC

Dwarven Armor Mastery 3
Fighters Armor Master 2
Fighter Critical Accuracy 4
Fighter Strength 3
Fighter Flanking Master 1 (needed to spend another AP)
Dwarven Constitution 2
Dwarven Spell Defense 3

recommended equipment includes
+3 dex item
invaders ring
chaosgarde bracers
planar gird (the item i haven't found)
+5 full plate
nightforge helm
spectacular optics

I've gotten the impression that taking two extra levels of paladin would not be very useful because my wisdom and charisma are too low to yield a benefit
I don't know enough about ranger to say anything intelligent, but a favorite enemy might be interesting
A single level of fighter will give me another bonus feat. i was thinking spring attack here (i like to jump and doge where possible), however i also read that spring attack doesn't work well with two weapons. The build itself had suggested power attack (possibly as opposed to precision) and this might also be a reasonable choice.

There's clearly a lot of much better loot to play with, and i believe the intention was to get +5 mithral fullplate and get my dex up to 26. Considering it's at 22 now (with just a +3 item) i am guessing that my bonus stat points were being thrown this way. I'd like to raise my saves too, but unless there is a no-brainer one way or another my intention is to boost my DPS as opposed to trying to act like a tank.

08-03-2008, 05:50 AM
The problem with using somebody else's build is when they stop playing, it becomes difficult to guess where they would've put their next levels, feats, skills and Enhancements -- and what kind of gear they'd be using.

Maybe try posting the build you've used for us so we can try to figure out what to do next?

08-03-2008, 07:44 AM
I have updated the first post with a more detailed description of the character.

08-07-2008, 04:35 AM
As far as i can tell i only have two options, get two more levels of fighter or two more levels of paladin. This thread hasn't gotten much love but i'm bumping it one more time just in case anyone wants to chime in.

Fighter (Advantages):
One More Bonus Feat
Better BAB - i haven't found any good description of how this works with multi-classing

Fighter (Disadvantages):
Very little here, mostly in the missing affects granted by the extra paladin levels

Fear Immunity
Disease Immunity
Potential For Adding (1 - 2) to all saves with divine grace
Aura Of Courage

Paladin (Disadvantages):
Without a +4 charisma item i actually have -2 to saves?
Reduced BAB (again not clear about this)

So two important questions come to mind.
What type of affects does multiclassing have on base attack bonus?
What is the current affects of divine grace and negative charisma bonuses (what is the future of divine grace and negative charisma bonuses)?

Given that my base attack bonus is going to be affected significantly it seems like the fighter route is going to be a better choice. Fear and disease immunity can always be supplemented with the correct loot, while attack rolls aren't nearly as forgiving.

Feedback would still be appreciated.

08-08-2008, 08:39 PM
Paladin and fighter are both full BAB classes. You won't lose any BAB for taking levels of either in any order.

If you go to 3 paladin, you can get +1 AC and +1 more to all saves with 4 action points via two enhancments.

You will not get a saves penalty, but you should be looking into getting at least a +5 cha item and adding the paladin charisma enhancement for a total of +1 to all saves. Later on you might get a +1 tome and +6 item to add to that for +2 to all saves.

08-08-2008, 08:57 PM
Actually Paladin 3 will net you +1 AC and +1 Saves with only 2 action points total.

Divine Grace will give you a bonus to saves if you can get your modifier into the positives. But it will NEVER give you a negative.

I would go Paladin since you already have all the feats you seem to needs. (plus you get 1 more at level 15 anyway)

Your AC is respectable for a TWF, Throw a Mithril Tower shield on (rearrange some enhancements) and you could have a 48 going on 50 AC.
If you want to focus on DPS, I recommend skipping out on AC and spending your enhancements on other things (like Hit Point)

08-09-2008, 09:22 PM
Ißd go Paladin 3, too.