View Full Version : Monday Static Light Roleplay Team P.S.T. 7+level

07-21-2008, 08:32 PM
Theft meanders through House Phiarlan then looks up and grins as he has found himself at his favorite establishment! The smile fades as a sudden uncomfortable feeling passes over him as he remembers the endless sunken water filled tombs in the Necropolis. Some of his comrades had chosen to stay at the One Foot Inn, he mutters quietly to no one but himself "That's just creepy..." and then steps inside the Bogwater Tavern.

Shippy is sitting at a table near the entrance, a table I might add that is filled with tankards of ale. Theft quickly sits grabs the nearest tankard and asks, "So, what are we to wager this time Master Dwarf?"

Regular Gaming Group/Non-Rush/RP Encouraged mature players (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=116781)

8:00PM PST start time ( we gather after 7:30) and are looking to fill two permanent spots in the 7 to 10 level range, it's more about the journey than the perfect class based party but a healer and rogue would be preferred. Contact me if you're an RPr who would like to try out the team!

You can also check all our Guild's other teams and their availabilities, follow the signature link to learn more about us!