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07-17-2008, 05:22 PM
With each new major MOD, we've been getting new raids. With each new raid, we must find a new tactic, that will work each and every time, with minimal death/resource use. I'm going to list a few things here that are general to every raid in the game, and are good starting points for your ideas on what/how we should handle something new we've never done before:

Aggro Management

Aggro management has been, and will continue to be, one of the most important things in nearly every raid. To date, the BEST way is to have a minimal amount of people required to keep things smooth. Typically 1 tank only on the main boss, and 2-3 others to handle trash mobs if they exist. Mass amount of people running around has always meant death, and will continue to mean death.


Titan - 1 Tank on bottom handling aggro and pillar
Demon Queen - 1 Caster kicks it off, everybody stays equal distances apart so aggro bounces evenly between party members.
Dragon - 1 Hero remains up
Abbot - 3-4 tanks surround the main boss (1 should intim to try and keep the majority of the aggro, 1 caster gains aggro of trash mobs and runs them in a circle while remaining party kills them off)
Shroud - 3-4 Tanks surround the main boss
Hound - 1 tank on main dog (high intim), 1 Caster per side managing trash mob aggro.

As you can see, its either 1 Tank, or a few that can pin the main boss in. Its all about aggro management, and keeping the main boss of the remainder of the party. This is a general rule of thumb, and we should keep it in mind with every raid we do.


Healing is KEY in any raid we do. Without it we'd never finish. When first attempting a raid we've never done before, its usually pretty resource intensive. This is all about the learning curve. Two general methods that are used in nearly all raids is either the "Hero" method, or "Mass" method.
Hero's we assign a tank per healer, mass we take turns on a primary tank mass healing them and those surrounding him. Average healers per raid in the game is 3. If you are using more than that, something is wrong with the remainder of the party make up.


Dragon - Hero method on 1 tank, each healer takes turns keeping that 1 tank up.
Demon Queen - Mass Method, between round party groups up and we keep mass heals up.
Titan - Mass heals on the top where the party groups, 1 healer will spot heal the main tank on the bottom.
Abbot - Mass heals on main tanks in center, 1 cleric to spot heal remainder of party
Shroud - Both Mass/Hero can be used, depending on the amount of DPS you have in the party.
Hound - Mass Heals on puppies, spot heal remainder of party as needed.

So again, we need to experience the new raid, feel out how long it will take, and decide which method will be best, Mass or Hero. Random spot heals by all healers will just waste SP, and the party will die or you will use way more resources than you need to. A steady tactic/order of who will be healing when reduces resource use, keeps things running smoother, and gives us more time to complete the raid.

DPS aka Damage Per Second

This comes in many forms. Each raid is geared toward a specific type of DPS, whether it be from casters, ranged combat, or hand to hand. Determining the correct form, will help us bring the appropriate characters into the raid to have a successful completion.

Dragon - Hero, 1 high DPS Barb/Tank to take the dragon down.
Demon Queen - Casters Unite, blast the hell out of the *****.
Titan - Not so much DPS oriented (pillars), but a good well rounded group should have no problems.
Abbot - 3-4 High DPS tanks to bring the abbots health down ASAP.
Shroud - The more high DPS tanks you have, the better, no less than 4 should be brought.
Hound - Stat damagers(wounding/punct), vorpals. Outer ring needs some high fast dps to take down mobs ASAP. This can be rangers/rouges/tanks/barbs/monks etc..

Again each raid is slightly different on DPS make up. Anytime we start a new raid we've never done, we should bring a well rounded party, and find out which ones were doing a decent sustainable damage over time, and concentrate on bringing more of that the next timer around.

Support Classes

Again with every raid the support classes can be the difference between success and failure. Primary support class in this game is the bard. Their songs, no matter the raid, help a tremendous amount, more than you can imagine, and 1 of this class should be with every raid group.


Every raid in the game, whether is the direct raid, or prequest to it, has a puzzle in it, with the exception of the hound. Determining the solution, and spreading word of that solution to the masses in the guild helps everyone complete faster/smoother.

Dragon - Floor Tile Puzzle (Pre-Raid)
Demon Queen - Word puzzle (Pre-Raid)
Titan - Tile Puzzle/Under Water Puzzle (Pre-Raid)
Abbot - Disappearing Floor Room/Asteroid/Iceberg (Raid)
Shroud - Light Floor Puzzle (Raid)
Hound - No Puzzle, but charming the puppies was key to learn.

Last but not least, Communication/Listening

In every raid, its imperative that 1 person do the leading/talking. I've said it in our raids, in my guides, etc, mass people talking will mean death, no matter the party makeup, 1 person calmly leading the party, means success. In new raids, if everyone is talking at once, we will never ever learn anything. The ONE will, with input from the guild as a whole, come up with a strategy. The ONE will list this strategy at the beginning of the raid. We attempt it. During the raid, if something in the strat isn't working, just take note of it. We are bound to fail the first time through, its all about learning. So take your observations, keep them to yourself, and AFTER THE RAID, we as a group, will discuss what worked, what didn't, and your suggestions for new ideas on what may solve the problems we encounter. At that point we come up with another strategy, and try it again. Through process of elimination, we will figure out what works, and eventually have a strat to take the Raid down.

If you all have any other general ideas on what makes raids work, that kind of follow through every raid to date, please list them, I'll update this post and try to get a good working theory on how we should take on new raids.

07-17-2008, 05:27 PM
I take it the Stormreaver is too easy of a raid to include in your guide? :p

07-17-2008, 05:29 PM
LM*O Yeah, I can add him in, its really a single tank holding DPS too...I left out Vision as I wrote that before we had a decent strat. I'll update it again in the next day or so.

07-17-2008, 07:50 PM
Awesome. Good stuff. Definitely should have expanded walk-through guides of all Raids done by some Raiders too with multiple legit methods. I definitely like the Boss Beat-Down Guide you've started.