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Please comment. The idea here is a Paladin with some decent DPS via TWF with axes. Fairly good HP, decent AC, and all the Paladin tricks. Any comment or suggestions are welcome.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 2.85
DDO Character Planner Home Page
Taidon Rockcrusher
Level 16 Lawful Good Dwarf Male
(2 Fighter / 14 Paladin)
Hit Points: 266
Spell Points: 241
BAB: 16/16/21/2626
Fortitude: 20
Reflex: 12
Will: 11
Starting Feat/Enhancement
Abilities Base Stats Modified Stats
(32 Point) (Level 1) (Level 16)
Strength 16 20
Dexterity 15 17
Constitution 13 16
Intelligence 8 8
Wisdom 13 14
Charisma 12 14
Tomes Used
+1 Tome of Constitution used at level 1
+2 Tome of Dexterity used at level 14

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 16)
Balance 2 7
Bluff 1 2
Concentration 2 4
Diplomacy 1 4
Disable Device n/a n/a
Haggle 1 2
Heal 1 2
Hide 2 3
Intimidate 4 9
Jump 4 7
Listen 1 2
Move Silently 2 3
Open Lock n/a n/a
Perform n/a n/a
Repair -1 -1
Search -1 1
Spot 1 2
Swim 3 6
Tumble n/a n/a
Use Magic Device n/a n/a

Level 1 (Fighter)
Feat: (Selected) ToughnessFeat: (Fighter Bonus) Two Weapon FightingEnhancement:Fighter Armor Class Boost IEnhancement:Fighter Attack Boost IEnhancement:Dwarven Axe Damage I

Level 2 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Oversized Two Weapon FightingEnhancement:Fighter Critical Accuracy IEnhancement:Fighter Strength IEnhancement:Fighter Toughness I

Level 3 (Paladin)
Feat: (Selected) Weapon Focus: Slashing WeaponsEnhancement:Fighter Haste Boost IEnhancement:Paladin Saves Boost IEnhancement:Dwarven Armor Mastery I

Level 4 (Paladin)
Enhancement:Dwarven Axe Attack IEnhancement:Dwarven Constitution I

Level 5 (Paladin)
Enhancement:Paladin Bulwark of Good IEnhancement:Paladin Resistance of Good I

Level 6 (Paladin)
Feat: (Selected) Two Weapon DefenseEnhancement:Paladin Extra Smite Evil IEnhancement:Paladin Energy of the Templar IEnhancement:Paladin Charisma I

Level 7 (Paladin)
Enhancement:Dwarven Faith IEnhancement:Dwarven Spell Defense IEnhancement:Dwarven Toughness IEnhancement:Paladin Extra Lay on Hands I

Level 8 (Paladin)
Enhancement:Paladin Charisma II

Level 9 (Paladin)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Slashing WeaponsEnhancement:Dwarven Constitution II

Level 10 (Paladin)
Enhancement:Paladin Courage of Good IEnhancement:Paladin Extra Smite Evil IIEnhancement:Paladin Devotion I

Level 11 (Paladin)
Enhancement:Dwarven Faith IIEnhancement:Paladin Extra Lay on Hands II

Level 12 (Paladin)
Feat: (Selected) Power CriticalEnhancement:Paladin Bulwark of Good II

Level 13 (Paladin)
Enhancement:Paladin Focus of Good IEnhancement:Paladin Extra Smite Evil III

Level 14 (Paladin)
Enhancement:Dwarven Toughness II

Level 15 (Paladin)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Two Weapon FightingEnhancement:Paladin Resistance of Good II

Level 16 (Paladin)

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