View Full Version : A relaxed introduction to raiding...Lifetakers and Heartbreakers (Ghallanda)

Daerius of the Blessed Blades
06-24-2008, 12:32 PM
The Lifetakers and Heartbreakers guild (L&H) (http://lhguild.org)has been active on Ghallanda for over two years. Our goal has always been to provide a relaxed environment that focuses on building strong friendships, an environment based on teamwork and a recognition that this is a game - real life comes first.

We have recently dedicated several of our officers to schedule regular events. This includes scheduling the more common raids and the prerequisites necessary to run them. Although many of our senior members regularly raid the higher content, we have lots of new players to DDO that do not regularly run the raid quests.

If you are new to the game, we welcome you to visit the Lifetakers and Heartbreakers website (http://lhguild.org) and see if we'd be a fit for you! One of our officers can run some quests with you to make sure that our play styles are the same. We also welcome smaller guilds - either by adding an alt to L&H, or through guild alliances. L&H is presently allied with Face Stabbing Misfits, Sun War Academy and Knights of Myth Drannor which provides a larger base of opportunities to participate in the growing list of DDO raid adventures.

And, if you're not interested in raiding, that's fine too. We have what I believe is the server's largest collection of "rerolling alt-o-holics" experimenting with characters and running with new DDO gamers who rarely get characters up to do much 'intense raiding'.

As guild leader of Lifetakers and Heartbreakers (http://lhguild.org) (and recovering alt-o-holic), I welcome you to visit lhguild.org (http://lhguild.org) and come join in on the fun!