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06-20-2008, 01:18 PM
I've suggested this before in Codog's thread, but I figured it would get more visibility here.

Basically, this is taking a page directly from Eberron. Namely, this...

The art of binding elementals is a craft mastered so far only by the gnomes of Khorvaire. Elementals are bound so that their energies may be used to power the device to which they are connected. Khyber shards are commonly used in elemental binding magics. Elemental-powered air ships and the Lightning Rail are the most common examples of elemental binding, but they can be bound to weapons and armor as well as less militial devices. Everything can be enhanced by binding an elemental to it. So, with all the iron defenders running around Stormreach, I figure it's only a matter of time before some crazy artificers (cough, Haywire) decide to bind some elementals onto them. http://housetharashk.net/htforum/images/smilies/smile.gif

I figure these can be high level enhancements, meant for characters from level 15-20. Of course, they'd be rather fun opponents as well.

Alternatively, since we have Trap the Soul, they could be created by using a trapped elemental spirit. I don't recommend that however, unless Soul Gems become MUCH easier to acquire. As it is right now, only wizards/sorcerers can easily attain these gems, and all characters should have the option of using these.

So, continuing on with the Enhancement idea, I feel these should come as a set. Basically, you take the one enhancement, and from it you can pick and choose which version of Iron Defender you want. Description would be something like this...

AP Cost: 4
AP Spent: 48
Requires One of: Skill Focus: Repair
Self Sufficient
Least Dragonmark of Making
Fighter Repair II
Wizard Repair II
Warforged Mechanics II
Rogue Way of the Mechanic I

Requires One of: Mithral Companion
Rogue Way of the Mechanic II

Description: You have a loyal iron defender as a pet, bound with the strength of an elemental. You can summon each different defender once per rest to aid you for five minutes.Ok, let's run down what each Elemental Bound Iron Defender would do.

This one is probably the simplest. You remove the grease ability completely, keep the fire breath (though greatly increase the damage), and give it a flaming aura. In addition, take the Fire Shield graphic, and overlay it on the Iron Defender, to give that nice burning look.

This one is also pretty easy I think. While we don't have any water elementals on hand, we do have plenty of cold spells. So, replace the grease with Cone of Cold, give it a frost bite attack, and the frost weapon graphics for look.

We could go two ways on this. First, we could implement is like it's part air. Give it a knock-back effect, and cast chain lightning every once in a while. Alternatively, it could be bristling with electricity like the Monk's "charged" look. Either case, I can see this casting lots of chain lightning spells.

For the look, I think adding the Stoneskin texture is appropriate. I kinda see this as the tank of the iron defenders. High DR, High AC, and just a good base damage.

Yep, there are no Sonic Elementals, but I figured this would be an easy thing to add. Simply take the Shrieking Defenders from Gianthold, give them Greater Shout, and call it a day. http://housetharashk.net/htforum/images/smilies/smile.gif

Well, that's what I think they should do. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Edit: I bet Eladrin won't be too thrilled to see this. :)

06-20-2008, 01:23 PM
I like it.

Ponders a elemental defender animal companion....hmmmmm.

06-20-2008, 04:39 PM
Anything is better than the currently anemic grease-spewing ones we have ..

06-20-2008, 10:55 PM
Lets get the defenders above level 9 first.
After hitting character lvl 8 and running lvl 10 quests, these companions are squashed flatter than aluminum pie pans on the highway and have outlived their usefulness.
Where's the Adamantine Defender Companion? And how about those defenders that spew fire/acid instead of the endlessly annoying grease?