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06-09-2008, 02:44 PM
…that’s right! No new content! ...and the marketing dept. goes crazy!

This is purely a personal suggestion of what I’d like to see in an upcoming module and can thus be taken as a grain of salt. Hey, I’m bored…hmm it’s rather long…well not quite

Once a MMO gets going it’s like a rushing river and you can’t sometimes backtrack design decisions and such made at an earlier date. At best you can divert the flow or modify what’s already done.

It seems to me that with every Module released, there is yet another moving part that is added to the game and there seems to be more and more design elements that are becoming unstable, broken, partially implemented or even DOA. Don’t take it personal! I do love the game! :D

What I would love to see is a module dedicated to streamlining some of the ongoing official and unofficial issues and creating more ‘meta’ content inside the already existing content. I would definitely enjoy playing DDO more if many of these issues were solved.

*It would probably also make it easier on the developers to provide newer content with a more stable system in place.


DOA (dead on arrival) content: Abbot Raid, HD/HP capped spells (sleep, undeath to death etc), Shroud collectables…

“Meta” content and crafting

In my opinion there is quite a bit of content in the game that can be utilized for more than gaining experience and levels. There are so many really beautifully designed and fun quests in the game that are bypassed due to the fact that there is so much XP available. It would be nice to incorporate all the quests in the game into a crafting system that keeps all this content relative to the capped characters.

Expanding favor Rewards: Making more favor rewards for obtaining 2500+ favor in the game.

Bounty-crafting: I liked this concept. Hunting down many of the hordes of special named mini bosses could bring certain rewards used in the crafting or upgrading of items.

Static Loot Upgrades: It would be really nice to upgrade lower existing static loot drops to become more powerful level appropriate gear.

I.E.: From the Catacombs - Blade of Inquisition +1, ghostouch, silver

Base - Blade of Inquisition +1, ghostouch, silver
Top tier - Blade of Inquisition +5, ghostouch, silver, pure good

***Limited to X bound upgraded ‘realm’ items per character. They can be destroyed and replaced with a different item to upgrade.

Obviously, if quest farming is going to be fundamental to future crafting I’d like to see the quest difficulty explored. To broaden the content, I’d like to see an additional level of difficulty to the farm able quests that would be equal to the current level cap. Call it Epic even. :) Playing a quest on epic level would unlock the highest tier crafting/upgrading components dropped from end bosses, designated chests or even static interact-ables. (not necessarily more xp or favor)

Anyway, I’m just pulling this out of my head as I type and may not be well thought out.


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of course, now i notice yaga's post as well.... :)