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06-04-2008, 12:00 PM
or anything any more.

I guess I am a little burned out. Too many forced marches through the shroud.
Too much soloing to get away from the shroud.
Too little to do except the shroud...

I have 2 accounts that are paid up through ocotber at least...so you own me for a while.

I really was not looking forward to this update...
Sure, there were things I was interested in. Quivers. Fixes to the loot tables. Stacking of items increases.

But I find I cannot keep my beloved gear, and still get all the new bags...

My problem is this. Due to my inexperience whith the whole monk experience I need to have some gear to make my technically(due to my own failings) inferior monk. I have problems with the whole Ki thing...I dont get it.

Yesterday, in an attempt to make my monk more playable to me I searched the local vendors for any gear that might improve my experience a little.

I searched the weapon and armor shops in house D...no lowbie monk gear.
I searched House Dand house K pawn shops. All I saw was min level 10-12 items.

I need new outfits. I need +1 hand wraps...I need something.

Was it an oversight to forget to add things monk like to the vendors? Or is it a disturbing new trend to de uber me by forcing me to hunt. On other characters. And not play my monk. The only thing I pulled monk like in the WW and STK where the black widow bracers and a normal monk outfit.

Please have a way for us to buy lowbie monk supplies...

I will be over at that other game... But I would rather be here.
Sadly, most of the people I grouped with on a regular basis have flown on to greener pastures...
As I am...soon to do...
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06-04-2008, 12:05 PM
same old same old

06-04-2008, 12:06 PM
but, i am already sort of getting tired of playing a halfling monk that i took to level 3 since yesterday

i have an idea for a human monk that i will start tonight

however, Turbine needs to make the monk as good as possible & right now monks are only sort of good IMO

06-04-2008, 12:14 PM
lol...Lotro is where I went...
My friends are on AoC...

I like crafting...And they were having a special offer...

And all those emotes we amassed huge lists of...So many of them are on LOTRO
I thought I was reading the DDO forums emote request page as I scrolled through the many pages of hotbars.
The music.
The drink.
Finding useful level appropriate items in the quest I am in.
Recipies in drops that I can use and have forever and only need to hit the MAKE button and have the right materials.
The memories from the books.
Watching a horse and rider go by.
The lack of Kobolds....And oozes...
No HP no Sp... regening over time.
Earning things through deeds.

A vast book of lore to look through and do research when I am stuck that has actually been updated...
/emits a pleasureable sigh...
/leaves room
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06-04-2008, 12:14 PM
Well to me Monk's are flawed as they are currently implemented due to the way they implemented flurry of blows and TWF not working with unarmed attacks.

The problem is using TWF kama's is the best choice, you get more attack rolls in a minute and more DPS that way period with the way it is implemented. So, what you end up with is a poor DPS Ranger (base) with a bunch of clickie attacks that will probably never catch you up.

Wind stance not stacking with haste, flurry of blows NOT truly giving you extra attack rolls in real time, and TWF not working with unarmed make Monks (at least my initial impression of them) as being a weak choice compared to Rangers.

Rangers and Monks are very similar in that they rely on (in theory) attacking more often, they both get evasion, they both are "light infantry" types. As they are implemented now the best Monk build would be Ranger 15/Monk 1 for the wisdom bonus to AC if you are caring about AC.

So, to me the cool thing about the monk would be if unarmed fighting was the best way to go, but it is not so what is the point of leveling up a TWF kama user that ends up doing less DPS than a Ranger?

I am at the same point you are, half the time I don't even feel like logging in, and when I do sometimes I just check the mail/auction and log right back off. I am paid through October or so as well and if development doesn't take a serious turn for the better I see no point in playing any longer either.

06-04-2008, 12:17 PM
Right now, I have a human monk with high strength, high con, and a modest boost to wisdom and dex. I have been choosing feats to max his concentration, on the theory that the more Ki I have "at rest", the more likely I can start a fight with a strong move.

So far it's been quite interesting - I don't bother with weapons, I found some handwraps as an end reward, and I have a nifty combination of an outfit of lesser fire guard, and boots of tumbling & acid guard. Almost all of which I got as end rewards from the standard harbor quests.

I also have some high level kamas, qstaves and handwraps that my high level types have been pulling as end rewards from the Reaver, Titan, etc. They sit in the bank, and wait.

If you want to find good low level stuff, take your high/mid level chars through some of the 5th-12h level quests. The end rewards should have the occasional outfit/handwrap/etc (assuming you're not limiting to class-specific results).