View Full Version : Suggestions for Loot Tables: Special Materials

06-03-2008, 01:06 AM
In my experience it seems that weapons and armor made of special materials (mithril, adamantine, alchemical silver, flametouched iron, etc) seem to be equally rare at all levels.

I suggest that at higher levels, these items become more common than they currently are.

This makes sense from an RP perspective (if you are going to spend 6k PP enchanting a sword, surely you would seriously consider spending <1k PP on Adamantine to make it from).

It will also make random loot potentially more desirable, as currently the only weapons that can drop in a standard chest and be worth trading are combinations of Wounding and Puncturing, one-handed Vorpals, good crit range Smiters and Banishers, occasional Transmuters, and weapons made of special materials that have good combinations of mods on them such as Silver of Pure Good or Holy of Cold Iron.

As far as armor goes, anything at all not made of Mithril or Adamantine is pretty much vendor trash.

More chance of getting usable loot that isn't named loot will make opening chests more exciting.

I recommend that items have a % chance of being a special material that is based on the following:

Chest Level % chance
1-5 3
6-10 6
11-15 12
16-20 24

At the very least, it'll be funny to see people pull more +2 Vicious Flametouched Iron Longswords of Lesser Aberration Bane, and other items with ludicrously long names.