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05-31-2008, 06:15 PM
In response to the "elves are inferior at melee" thread I thought that I would post my elven tank build. The most important part of fitting into the "Tomb Raider" mentality is that you must play a sexy female character; and although human would qualify elves still win in the end :D

Fighter 12 / Rogue 3 / Barbarian 1
Basic idea is the Tomb Raider must be able to open chests and use arcane findings (lockpicking and UMD), and wants to be able to run fast (barbarian) Two levels of rogue for evasion; but third level gives an extra d6 sneak attack, more skill points, and is a good level for better will saves where fighter 13 was doing nothing useful.

Str 18 +4 lvl +6 item +3 enhancements +1 tome = 32
Dex 16 + 2 racial + 6 item + 1 rogue + 1 tome = 26
Con 11 + 6 item +1 tome = 18
Int 13 + 1 tome = 14
Wis 8
Cha 8

UMD (maxed)
Open Lock (maxed)
Intimidate (maxed)
You will not have the skill points to keep these maxed at every level, but you will be able to skill work points into jump and tumble as well, and make up the rogue skills by scattering your rogue levels as you advance.

Fighter feats:
This build is built for versatility and combat techniques.
Combat Expertise
Stunning Blow
Improved Trip
Power Attack
Improved Crit Slash&Pierce
Weapon Spec Slash

Non-Fighter Feats:
Toughness x4
Iron Will
Luck of Heroes

Fighter Strategy
Fighter Armor Mastery
Fighter Toughness
(all maxed)

AC is not extreme (~50 w/o raidloot), but wearing a +5 mith BP with CE and evasion, you are pretty much untouchable in pre-GH quests. In GH onwards, versatility allows an easy switch to a big two-hander and power attack; or puncturing weapons and no combat stance for when con damage is better.

HP = 20 + 10 AA + 64 con + 90 toughness (incl. minos legen) + 150 class + 30 GFL + 50 fighter enhancements = 414 before shroud items, rage, etc. Not extreme but enough.

Reflex save isn't enough to run through any trap unscathed; but versus enemy casters it is usually plenty for evasion to be effective.

As with any non-Pali splashed fighter, the will save is a little rougher but that's why some extra feats are invested there. (My shroud item also gives me +6 wisdom).

Altogether, this character was initially built for an era when it was much easier to get a God-like AC, but its versatility has allowed it to continue to be an effective build in continuing MOD's as well.

Could it be made better as a dwarf? No comment; but at least this build is sexier :D Bonus points if you give your elf the pony-tail-Jolie look.

04-21-2009, 01:55 PM
If you don't carry a heavy repeater you don't qualify as a Tomb Raider. You should also have wands of fireball and dual wield. Also no armor.