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05-20-2008, 12:46 PM
I am thinking of starting a drow cleric, total caster based, no real solo capabilities. 20 Charisma to start, this build is totally designed around turn undead, and the enhancements that convert turn undead to other things like the mana heal.

Here is my question, with 8 str 10 dex 10 con 10 int 16 wis 20 cha, if i took every enhancement and feat for extra turning, improved turning etc with only a 20 charisma i'd have 22 turns per day (5+3 from charisma + 4 from extra turning feat + enhancement increases (says +1 +2 +3 +4 not sure if thats just 1 more each enhancement or if in fact its 1 more 2 more 3 more 4 more) if its 1 more per enhancement then its just 16 turns per day with everything. If I add 4 levels of paladin not only would I get divine grace which stacks with force personality feat for insane saving throws, i'd also get 8 more turns per day (charisma mod (5) +3).

Here in lies the problem... I cant find any information on how paladin's turn, thats where I am worried, with 12 lvls cleric and 4 paladin if they turn like clerics then 4 paladin 12 cleric would turn the same as a 16 cleric or 16 paladin.

Anyone ever done this? or for sure knows how it works?

05-20-2008, 12:55 PM
Paladin Turns and Cleric TUrns DOnt COmbine..... Potency or Quantity.

If your staying out of combat, why do you need Insane Saving throws? Healing doesnt generate much aggro, and if your turing stuff, that doesnt generate agro either...

3 Base Turns
5 Base CHR Mod (For 20 CHR)
3 +6 CHR Item
4 Extra TUrn Feat
4 Extra Turn Enhancments(THey dont stack)
1 +2 CHR TOme
1 Cleric Chr II
2 +4 CHR From level Ups.
23 Turns Max (COuld Be missing something, but dont think so)

Stay Pure Cleric. Your Will save will still be great and thats the most important.

(all that said, I'm not crazy about focuing all that on TUrning/Chr.... THe character will be prety useless in anything other than undead content)

05-31-2008, 08:40 PM
I think what Impaqt is saying is that your 4pali/12cleric would turn like a 12 cleric?

Regardless, even with a turning focus, I would suggest staying full cleric. You'll need the bonuses to your spell DC's if you're planning on being mainly a caster. Plus, up to 12 you only get access to 6th level spells. Destruction is a notable 7th level spell, and lower level spells like Blade Barrier rely on caster level (ie, how many levels of cleric *only*) to determine base damage.

Turn Undead itself is pretty worthless, but people love a cleric with Divine Vitality; Divine Healing is the only castable HoT in DDO and works through walls.

That said, you will still have a lot of action points after buffing DV/DH to maximum... I would suggest putting them into spell penetration and spell point enhancements.

As for stats, I would take 18wis/18cha if you feel you need both high. That way your casting is better (+1 spell DC), more spell points, etc. You only lose 1 turn/day.