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05-17-2008, 11:36 PM
Ive started a new Permadeath guild on the Ghallanda server and we are looking for players who are intersted in Permadeath play. I have a set of rules that i have made as a rough draft. Most of the rules will stay the same but there will be some slight changes here and there once my officers and i hack things out. With the new mod coming out we will probably mainly play on wednesday nights every week or every other week depending on what members want to do. All are welcome to apply and i hope to see you in game!

Here are the rules which are subject to slightly change:

The Ghallanda Permadeath Union Rules ....these rules are subject to change once i have my officers in place and we have a meeting to discuss possible amendments and additions.

these are a set of rules in which i selected based on things i liked from other Permie guilds rules i have read and things i like and think would be fun and interesting.

1. No twinking.This means that you cannot accept ANYTHING from characters that are not guilded. you also cannot accept anything but consumables and gold from characters within the guild with the exception of looting during quests, any loot found during the quest can be shared amongst anyone in the party. additionally during quests you may borrow items from other party members.

2. NO use of the auction house (this means no buying or selling anything from the auction house). you may use vendors however you please. (if you loot an item you or someone from the party cant really use you may send it to a player outside the guild to use or auction but the profits from that item can not be returned to your permadeth toon)

3. NO grouping with anyone from outside the guild. NO PUG'ing

3. No binding items.

4. If you die in a quest you may ressurect to a tavern and not have to delete your character. BUT someone from the party must recall with you as if they were carrying your body to a healer. One live player may escort only TWO players bodies to the tavern. I.E. if there is a party of 6 and 5 people are dead the live person can only take two to the tavern. The group can decide amongst itself which two people will get to live. A dice roll of 100 can be used to determine this if no other solution can be made. Additionally the toon that is alive and escorting the corpse or corpses to the tavern MUST have the soul stones of those characters. If he cant get you your soul stone without dieing you are dead for good and have to reroll or leave the guild.

5. When you die for good The rest of the party may loot your corpse. You however are allowed to mark ONE item from your inventory as an Heirloom for your reroll toon. Players in the party may roll on whatever item they wish to have if more than 1 person wants that item.

6. You may not re-enter instances. For instance if you die and are taken back to a tavern you cannot re-enter that quest and help the party finish. anyone who recalls is done until the instance resets.

7. Raise dead spells. Raise dead spell may be used on any party member who has died. Heres the catch. No scrolls. Only a cleric can use this spell and the cleric must have possesion of the soul stone before the spell is cast.

8. Characters must be level 1 to join the guild.

9. The use of ressurection shrines in quests is forbidden. rest shrines may be used however you wish.

10. You may only group with members of the guild, or other permadeath players, who are within 3 levels of you. If you are level 3 you may group with up to level 6 and not level 7+.

11. Please be respectful of others in guild and party chat. I dont care what language you use or what you talk about so as that noone in the party cares if its in party chat, and that noone who is currently online cares if it is in guild chat.

12. While equippable items and armor cannot be traded between guild members...consumables, ammo, and gold can be.

Contact myself or Willdie ingame for information regarding membership. All my toons start with 'org' and all of willdie's toons start with 'will' except for his sorc demmin. We are both in the nameless guild and play quite a bit throughout the week. Look us up if interested. Thanks!

05-20-2008, 11:12 PM
Interesting take on PD! Keep us posted on how things go.