View Full Version : Scoprion Wraiths of Vulkoor

05-14-2008, 09:43 AM
Recruiting is open for the Scorpion Wraiths of Vulkoor! A drow dominated guild who accepts slaves and allies of other nefarious races. All servants of Vulkoor are welcome!

We are a casual, light rp guild of mature players who dont have a whole lot of time to play. To help with questing groups we are searching out others like us who cannot get away from our families and careers to play as regularly as others. There are NO requirements to this guild other than you be courteous to each other and in some way your character be linked to the service of Vulkoor. For example, I have a warforged bodyguard, a goblin (halfling) ally, and a human evocationist in service to the guild.

If interested, send an in game message to Zaerik or post on the newly established guild website. (Its in the signature.)