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05-06-2008, 05:26 AM
Kinda a strange concept but fun at the same time.

The point here is to get from point A to B asap and still be hard to kill in the process with good CC abilities.

The build is a 32 point WF 13 wizard/2 rogue/1 barbarian.

You lose out on your lvl 8 spells but you gain evasion (which would make you lose out on them anyway) and also gain barbarian movement speed boost and movement speed action boost (Which works while hidden as well btw) both of which stack with your haste bonus.

Max int, boost it with levels/enhancements/tomes and grab insightful reflexes for a great save with your evasion.

Displacement + stoneskin to help you with melee damage along with a mod fort item (head probably).

Max jump/UMD/Disarm Trap/Search...extra points into Hide/MS (should be able to keep them at about 1/2 your lvl...depending on when you take your tomb). points into tumble/bluff/haggle etc at lvl 1.

Rogue levels can be put off till later, or taken at lvl 1 for extra skill points. Better to take at lvl 1 in my opinion.

Second rogue level should wait till later (After you use your +2 int tome and probably after lvl 8 for the +2 int from level bonuses).


Str 08 (always buffed to 12 pretty much so plenty of carrying capacity)
Dex 08 (buffed to 12 normally too but really doesn't matter even at low lvl).
Con 20 (16) boosted with wf con enhancement 1 and 2 to 22...+6 item for 28 con long term (24 with just bears which you get from marketplace dude at lvl 1)
Int 18 (16)
wis 06 (00)
cha 06 (00)

Int gets boosted from lvl by 4, 3 from enhancement, 3 from tome, 6 from item for a total of 34 end game (2 less then max).

Wizard can afford to nab spell penetration and Greater spell penetration making up for the 3 non wiz levels nicely (+4 to SP....giving you +1 over a full sorc with no spell pen feats).

Speed boost between barb bonus + action boost + haste is insane. Even without haste and just a good striding boots or Even with just expiditous retreat going (last forever eventually) you move like an insane bat out of hell (in fact expiditious retreat makes you move as fast as people with haste on just from the barb movement boost bonus in most cases.....toss in a barb action boost every so often and you move at perma haste speed without having to cast haste.

HP are fairly high for a spellcaster. End con is 28 or 30 with a +2 tome....with toughness and barbarian toughness 1. That is almost +12 hp per lvl (average hp per lvl gain is about 17 (4 from wizard x 13/6 rouge x2/12 barbarian x1...thats an extra 10 hp...5 from barbarian toughness is 15 hp...or equivalent of 1 extra per lvl. toughness is a bit more then 1 per lvl (3 at lvl 1) and con is 10 per lvl at 30...= 17 per lvl.

Saving throw are decent. Reflex is boosted by your int and fort is boosted by your high con.....will blows but WF is protected from most will saves automatically. You get a decent reflex bonus from 2 rogue lvls, and a decent fort bonus from 1 barbarian lvl...giving you natural end game saving throws of 6/7/8...not great, but decent across the board as a base. 34 int = +12 to reflex, 30 con = +10 to fort....and a +5 saving throw item (so it can't be dispelled) gives you 21/24/13 saving throws (without any wis bonus). Fort can be boosted with warforged enhancement if required as well. 24 reflex save is decent for use with evasion.

Meanwhile you get 6 skill points a lvl right from the start (without tome) and 7 from lvl 8 up (not including barb lvl or rogue lvl which gets plenty of extra). Done carefully you can keep all your most important skills maxed so you can disarm traps at will, find them, hide/ms past tons of enemies (saving mana), jump like a crazed monkey (especially after self cast jump spell) and use just about any wand/item in the game with your UMD (even with such a low cha).

Best bet is to wait on barbarian lvl until you get haste (then grab it at the next lvl).

Lvl 1 rogue (for skill bonuses). With 18 starting int you get to max 12 skills (basically everything).
lvl 2-6 wizard (snag extend and probably maximize) At lvl 6 grab toughness.
lvl 7 barbarian (grab movement speed action boost, barbarian toughness, max jump skill)
lvl 8 wizard (boost int to 20 base)
lvl 9 rogue (Disarm trap/UMD/Search has been maxed every level (not quite in the last...due to jump) boost hide/MS with the extra OR boost spot.
lvl 10+ wizard (Either put 1 point per lvl into MS (hide is boosted easily with invisibility) or spot...if you used a +2 tome by now you can keep spot maxed too.

End game you have access to lvl 7 spells and full damage with most spells currently in game. You have only 1 DC left on spells compared to a maxed out int drow/human. You have -3 to spell penetration compared to a pure wizard, but +1 compared to a sorc who doesn't take the feats.

Massive hp + massive speed + stealth + evasion + UMD + self healing + WF immunities = win

05-06-2008, 05:49 AM
UMD for this build can reach:

19 base
+1 witha 6 cha item equiped (0 with just eagles splendor)
+5 gloves
+2 head
+4 GH
+2 rogue skill boost

Total is 33 which gives you almost a 85% chance to use raise dead scrolls I think (DC of 36).

Course that equipment is hard to get.....without the head and just a GC instead of gloves (anyone can get that setup) you only have a UMD of 29...but can boost it back up to 32 with Skill Focus UMD...giving an 80% chance to use raise dead scrolls (And still over a 50% chance to use heal scrolls in a pinch for squishies).

If you get the above equipment AND have SF UMD you hit a 36 which is 100% chance to use a raise dead scroll and 80% chance to use a heal scroll.

Meanwhile you can use all wands as well up to lvl 6 (and of course all arcane wands at will), wear RR/AR equipment and pretty much rock.

Also I should mention that even with no additional points into Open Locks....you'll be able to open them anyway (for the most part). + open lock skill items are not hard to get and go up to +15....GH + Cats grace + rogue skill boost + head etc all will give you enough of a OL skill to eventually open most locks (also get the bonus from y our picks) even if it takes a few tries. Unlike traps locks don't explode if you fail badly...so you can just keep trying.

Having your Disarm traps and search skills maxed with such a high Int is what is really important as it makes you excellent at disarming them. A pure rogue can squeeze out a few more points, but will probably not have as high of an int as you...meaning you have the ability to nab as high a DT as a pure rogue pretty much. Same with Search, although a rogues spot may be higher (usually you know where traps are or someone does so no biggie).

05-08-2008, 09:06 AM
I love fast characters also. Have a str based rogue with a level of barb(and 4 levels of ftr:)) just to get the 10% speed boost and the tier one clickie. With the first tier of faster sneaking and 30% striders and/or haste this guy moves as fast sneaking as some characters move normally. Sounds like a cool build, speed = fun to me, gl.