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05-01-2008, 09:26 PM
After thinking long and hard about this, I've decided to post my problem. Not that I think it will change my situation any, but at least I'll feel a little better (well, probably not.. but what the heck).

Anyway, here's my problem. I started this game back in beta, played for some time, made level 12 with a couple of my characters spread across 2 different accounts. Then favor rewards started becoming big, so I spent the time and effort knocking out favor on one of my characters, my "main" so to speak. I reached approximately 1690 favor before I decided I needed a break from the game.

I recently (2 months ago) returned to the game and have since re-activated both of my accounts. When I saw that there was a +2 tome reward for 1750 favor, I decided to knock this out. With the help of the new guild I had joined, I broke over the 1750 point and very excitedly ran to collect my favor reward tome........... much to my suprise, no discussion was available!!!!! I looked over all of my favor with each group, went and talked to EVERY person on the list and still nothing.

I submitted a bug report and sat back and waited. About 2 hours later, a GM contacted me and asked what my problem was. I had to explain my problem 3 times to him before he "understood" what was going on. He told me to log out and attempt to create 9 characters on my account. So I did, logged out, created a total of 9 characters on my account (including 32 point build ones) and logged back in to tell him the results. His response after about 30 mins was... "I need to bump this up to a senior GM to see if it's an isolated problem or a more global one".

So, I figured it would take some time, and someone would eventually get back to me. Well, a week passes and nothing. So I submit another report. I get a GM who I then have to explain the whole situation to. I tell him to look up my other ticket. Well, after about an hour with him I get absolutely nowhere (yeah, I know.. big suprise, right?)

The saga continues.... He tells me "please look at your character sheet and see if it says "inherent bonus" on any of your stats. I tell him, Yes, it does.... I ate a +2 intel tome back before I quit the game... over 18 months ago. He tells me that he'll have to look into it. I ask, can't you just look at my logs and see when I hit 1750 favor, and look to see if any additions to my stats were made AFTER that point? He asks when I hit 1750 favor, Well, I just happened to keep the original ticket with my original complaint, so I provide him with the date and approximate time.

Well, another 2 weeks passes, I log in and out of the game, playing several of my characters. Often times I just sit there with my "main" logged in, staring at the screen in hopes a GM will contact me.

Then, out of the blue one day a "Sr. GM" contacts me and tells me "It seems you already used a +2 stat tome" I respond to him, yes, well over 18 months ago, but that was not the favor reward. I have not had ANY opportunity to get the proper conversation from Nyx to pick one. He responds "I'm sorry, I can't provide you with a tome". At this point I'm really frustrated... a month of waiting on this stupid thing, a total of 5 different tickets submitted on the same issue, chats with AT LEAST 6 DIFFERENT GM's on the subject and all I get is two stupid frickin sentences from the "customer service" people (and I use that term VERY lightly). I ask him finally "so, what you're telling me is that I'm being screwed out of my favor reward tome?".............big suprise... no response.... several tells back to him... then he's no longer online.....

Well, thank you so very frickin much!!!!!!!!! In a world where we have to offer $9.99/mo subscriptions to help keep numbers up, in a world rife with other online options, in a world where the customer is supposed to always be right and all I get is silence.......

So, now I've hit 1750 favor on my 2nd account, and actually got my reward on that one.... lucky me I guess.

Anyway, for those of you who have actually made it this far, thanks for "listening". I know that none of what I wrote will matter, but maybe SOMEONE high up in the customer service area will accidently read this and make a change to that department telling them that thier JOB, the reason they get PAID is to actually HELP the customer......... or, this could just be a fantasy world and that department is actually just a figment of my imagination.

See ya aroune!

05-01-2008, 10:51 PM
Check your quest journal.

In the section 'The Harbor' do you have a quest entitled '(Completed) Total Favor - 1750'?


05-02-2008, 06:51 AM
Ok, now there's a strange one. Nobody told me to look there, and lo and behold, it shows I've completed that quest. So, the question becomes, how could I have completed that quest and gotten credit for it without completing it?

I give up.

05-02-2008, 10:13 AM
Well they have changed the amount of favor granted from a handful of quests. In one case they completely deleted the favor for Path of Madness (run to Xorian) which was worth a base 3 (9 on elite). (However this has been restored at a later update). It is POSSIBLE that you might have just barely nudged over the line for 1750 before any of those things happened. Then when you returned, after your hiatus, the quest favor resets left you with only 1690. (A lot of the downgrades were out in GH for example) and a few others, but in fairness they also bumped up the favor for a few quests too.

Possible explanation, but you would have to have hit the perfect storm of quest completions I think to actually drop 60 Favor. ( alot of the drop on Elite amounted to 3 or 6 points per quest base 7 to 5 or 21 to 15 on Elite, things like that).

In know I went from level 2 giant hold favor (over 150) to well under that level (as did a lot of people) and we were all kinda hoping that when we went past it again we could snatch another bonus 10 HP from Cydonie....alas, was not to be, she had kept records of all those so rewarded....

05-02-2008, 04:03 PM
Not sure exactly what happened, but the most frustrating part is the total lack of support from the "support" team. Just long waits, lots of "I can't help you"s.

All I want is my +2 dex tome for my rogue... not too much to ask imho.

Alas, it's not going to happen.............. a lot like Sony customer service..... but that's another story entirely!! :eek:

05-04-2008, 08:49 PM
PM sent.

Not sure exactly what happened, but the most frustrating part is the total lack of support from the "support" team. Just long waits, lots of "I can't help you"s.

All I want is my +2 dex tome for my rogue... not too much to ask imho.

Alas, it's not going to happen.............. a lot like Sony customer service..... but that's another story entirely!! :eek:

05-04-2008, 09:01 PM
Pangelo, do me, us all a favor, please. If Sparker is able to get your problem fixed, PLEASE, as much grief as we give them, PLEASE post back that Support has responded and resolved your problem.

I give Support AND QA Grief a LOT, but I will also say that if one EVER responded and even tried to assist me in correcting an error, I would most certainly post back so that others ARE well aware that, well, sometimes these things are observed, and attempts to correct them are made.