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04-28-2008, 02:45 PM
Hey guys, thought I would drop in and post my gear strategy I use on Arraetrikos.

Here's your recommended packing list:
Lots of HP.
A big ass sword
As many Titan Docents as you can get.
Docent of Defiance

Displacement, Stoneskin, and Fire Pro Clickies
Madstone Boots
Scourge Choker

No madstone boots on at this time the rage effect will not allow you to use clickies...

I pop a max fighter haste boost, then the Titan Shield Clickie, immediately switch to Docent of Defiance, jump in and proceed to cut his face off. While you are hammering away the 15 seconds of DR 30 Titan Shield is on, and during that time your Docent of Defiance should have time to proc the 20 DR. Don't worry about the cripple effect, you are going toe-to-toe anyway. If the whirling blades come in, just tumble out. You can tumble at normal speed even when crippled. Usually defiance will proc 1-2 times before A-Bomb ports. When he comes back, repeat this process. Between fights, refresh your fire pro/displacment/stoneskin....I only mention this because sometimes you will find yourself in a group so hectic that the caster may forget or got squished.

When you feel you've exhausted your clickies, switch on your madstone boots and hit the rage. He will most definitely proc a second rage. If you have a scourge choker wear it too..same concept you are just maxing your hp and damage now and hoping defiance procs while you bang.

I am a 2h feat heavy build with about as good AC as a 2h WF fighter can have (which aint sayin much), I used to get chewed up bigtime in there until I worked this out. Last night a wiz commented that I was taking less damage than any WF he had ever seen there, and this came from a guy who plays a WF sword and bored pally with evasion that works very well.

Lets face it AC does not work on 2 handers (and its rare to even see a shield WF with functional AC!), DR is the only option if you want to get in there and bang. We don't get dwarven HP or 100% healing but we do get a fine selection of docents, something those smelly little fatbodies will never have.

Barbs I realize you can't use the Titan Shield clickie effect while raging, but you could do pretty much the same thing, probably even better, with DR action point boosts.

Anyway just thought I would share this...often what I see is people madstone raging right off the bat and going for big damage and causing an insane mana drain. I have also heard shock and amazement when I tell people I use Defiance. It cripples you! they say, well who cares I am not a ranger or rogue I dont have to move for ****! My job is to stand here and beat this dude up! Some people are also entirely unaware of the docents existence or its special hidden effect...and now you know!

04-28-2008, 04:00 PM
And knowing is half the battle...

Stupid fleshlings...

04-28-2008, 04:43 PM
And knowing is half the battle...

Stupid fleshlings...

YES! I totally set that one up on purpose, Yo Joe!

04-30-2008, 03:33 PM
Nice set up, and good strat!