View Full Version : Module 6.1, Patch 1 - Release Notes

04-23-2008, 11:12 AM
The following items have been fixed in today's patch:
Portals have been added at the end of The Thirteenth Eclipse [The Shroud] to allow party members to return to previous parts of the raid for access to the eldritch device stations. These portals will only appear after the Pit Fiend has been defeated.
“Create Undead” scrolls now share a timer with Summon Monster VI scrolls.
Charmed monsters should be less indecisive about picking out enemies. Likewise, your foes will be less indecisive about who they focus aggression toward when a summoned or charmed monster is near them.
Some breakables that were required to advance your quests were unbreakable. This has been fixed.
Area of Effect spells cast on full groups will no longer result in lag spikes.
Auto-attack will now properly activate when used from shortcut bars.

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